Chief Digital Officer Asia Summit 2018

Becoming the Digital Sage: Understanding the New Mandates for Digital Leaders



9 May 2018   

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The pace of technology growth is outstripping the readiness of corporate management to transform their business. At the heart of this transformation lies the need of the consumer. As technology is accessible almost instantaneously through the cloud to millions of users, they are often forced to wait for a better customer experience as banks, telcos and other providers try to catch up.

The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is at the helm steering this transformation while wrestling with maintaining the ongoing business. CDOs enable new digital innovations like AI and IoT, while keeping costs down and security tight. Information is critical to leading this huge shift.


The Chief Digital Officer Asia Summit offers a unique destination to get this information and bridge inevitable knowledge gaps. Inspired by thought leadership, it brings together world-class digital leaders and Asia’s most influential brands to discuss and debate the digital strategies needed to tailor products to the connected consumer. Digital leaders in-attendance will have access to exclusive content that focuses on improving your capabilities, honing your skills, and gaining the right expertise. The knowledge shared will help you to effectively navigate and lead in today’s highly-competitive and rapidly-transforming digital ecosystem.

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Opening Remarks by Chairperson


Opening Keynote - Fueling Growth: How the Visionary CDO is Creating Additional Revenue Streams and Blazing New Trails from Legacy Practices

Many of the issues enterprises face are not new — internal communication, revenue streams widening, customer acquisition & retention are centuries-old challenges, but the digital era has presented new challenges that are unprecedented. And the prime mover of these future-ready solutions is the CDO.
In this session, you will hear Luis offer insights for CDOs seeking to better understand the changing landscape, for aspiring CDOs and digital officers considering new visions for their organization, as well as offering intelligent information for anyone operating within the digital environment.

speaker photo
Luis Gonzalez
Former Chief Digital Officer, APAC
GE Power
CXO Debate - Who Owns Digital Transformation? Can the Vision be Achieved Without a CDO?

  • Does every company need to hire a transformation expert, or can it be done in a distributed manner with the CIO, CTO  or CMO taking the lead
  • What are the potential pitfalls of having no single champion of transformation?
  • What lessons can be learned from companies that have undergone a transformation without a CDO, and would they repeat the process? What difference could a CDO have made?

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Impact Keynote - The Role of the Collaborative CDO: The Prudential Way

We all know that digital is changing the way everyone does business. The pace of innovation and competition is moving at an ever-increasing accelerated rate. Now more than ever companies must take a complete end-to-end customer experience viewpoint to build world-class and highly-competitive customer journeys that attract, excite, engage and keep customers.
In this presentation, we will hear how a Chief Information and Technology Officer and a Chief Customer Officer (CMO) work hand-in-hand to lead the digital transformation journey at Prudential and what it takes to make it successful.

speaker photo
Arvind Mathur
Chief Information and Technology Officer
speaker photo
Namrata Jolly
Director, Head Customer & Digital
Prudential Assurance
Keynote - A Bird’s Eye View of the Customer

The enterprise’s relationship with the customer has changed from being purely transactional to something more symbiotic, more personal. Modern enterprise marketing and customer-centered software seeks to consolidate all views of the customer into a single funnel with the customer’s ease of use in mind. This session will address strategies on building this single view, and the internal data streamlining and aggregation needed to achieve it.

speaker photo
Nicholas Chee
Executive Director, Group Channels & Digitization,
Executive Panel - Understanding Data: Transforming Cost Centers into Revenue Generators

Mining data for revenue generation has become one of the primary tasks for the CDO, who sometimes has to wear the data scientist’s hat while sitting in the marketer’s chair. This panel will explore the potential for using customer data, partner data, market data collected by IT, and even machine-generated data — all within the bounds of compliance, of course — to generate new revenue streams for the enterprise. Data integration and mining require top of the line infrastructure in place. What are some of the data center and storage and network requirements for optimal harnessing of an enterprise's data muscle?

Networking Business Lunch
Executive Panel - Omnichannel: An Integrated Approach to Digital Engagement

In the early days of e-commerce, discussions on integrating offline and online strategy used to be confined to specific industries, largely in the B2C space dealing with large volumes. However, no industry these days — even in the B2B arena — is untouched by the demands of omnichannel engagement. This session will explore how offline and online approaches can play a complementary role, of how all channels of engagement including social media can provide a seamless experience for the customer — eventually becoming greater than the sum of their individual parts when it comes to customer retention and acquisition.

Expert Insights - Charting the Customer Journey: Paths Along the Digital Trail

Digital transformation is affecting every aspect of the customer experience - changing and influencing the way conversations happen, decisions are made, and actions taken. The majority of customer interaction patterns are ignored because systems weren’t designed to handle complex interactions that occur across digital channels and traditional channels consistently. Explore why the status quo isn’t good enough anymore and how CDOs can use real-time big data analytics to personalize a truly contextual omnichannel experience.

speaker photo
San Zaw
Head of Solution Consulting, Asia
TIBCO Software Inc.
Executive Panel - The Orchestrator: Building a Team for Transformation

Digital transformation can never be a one-person project: every employee needs to play his or her part, and messaging to the customer regarding impact on service must be clear, direct, yet diplomatic. This session will explore the engagement initiatives the CDO must undertake to lay the groundwork for transformation, and delegate responsibilities to various business arms for a fundamental shift in the way the business functions.

Afternoon Refreshments and Networking


Executive Interview - The Intelligent CDO: How AI, RPA, and Machine Learning Will Shape Digital Businesses

The human brain can no longer process all the data generated by people and devices. Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning (ML) – technology paradigms that were barely conceivable a decade ago but will become ubiquitous a decade from now. How can a CDO leverage AI and ML for the benefit of customer outreach and improving workflows? AI and ML have been integrated into specific software for specific tasks so far, but what is the potential for using them in a wider sense from the C-level point of view?

Executive Interview - Fireside Chat with Leading Company CEOs

As the digital age scrambles the traditional organizational structure, CDOs must not only launch the organization on its digital trajectory but also help it fundamentally evolve. The role requires a “bifocal” approach: achieving the near-term imperative of getting things moving quickly, while setting in place the longer-term conditions of success so the organization can compete digitally. In this session, hear leading company CEOs' advice on how a CDO can truly earn their place in the already-crowded C-suite.

Closing Remarks by Chairperson





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Opening Keynote - Fueling Growth: How the Visionary CDO is Creating Additional Revenue Streams and Blazing New Trails from Legacy Practices


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Impact Keynote - The Role of the Collaborative CDO: The Prudential Way


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Keynote - A Bird’s Eye View of the Customer


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Expert Insights - Charting the Customer Journey: Paths Along the Digital Trail