Chief Digital Officer Australia Summit

Inspiring Digital and Data Success Downunder


2 Sept 2021

Chief Digital Officer Australia Summit

It’s clear that COVID-19 changed customer behaviors and stakeholder expectations. As a result, Australian are transforming business strategies, organizational structures, distribution and customer engagement channels

Many of these enterprisewide efforts leverage AI, analytics, cloud, and edge computing. But digital and data leaders are quickly realizing they cannot transform alone. Nor see it as a technology initiative. They need the right people, investments and partnerships to speed up and scale digitalization.

The inaugural Chief Digital Officer Australia Summit, organized by CDOTrends, looks to explore the challenges and proven approaches to scaling digitalization. It serves as a peer exchange for CDOs (Chief Digital and Data Officers), CDTOs, CTOS, Transformation & Innovation leaders and CIOs to discuss old and new use cases, explore best practices, and share lessons.

Why Chief Digital Officer Australia Summit is Different

  1. Explore value creation through digital in the post-pandemic world
  2. Co-Innovate with industry peers to accelerate digital initiatives for scale and monetization
  3. Align and prioritize digital with business strategies and goals to better utilize limited resources for the maximum business impacts
  4. Rethink customer interactions to create more personal, seamless, and empathetic experiences
  5. Leverage data, AI, and ecosystems to drive business performances in secured and compliant manners


09:30 (AEST)
Keynote: Transformation in 2022 – Your Next Digital Priorities

The world today is dynamic and turbulent. Enterprises must be ready to navigate disruptions to their industries, job functions, and workplace successfully in a moment’s notice. Looking forward to 2022, what should be the focus and priorities for digital leaders and technologists tasked to build digitally-capable enterprises? A leading expert will share forecasts and opinions in this session.

Panel: Digital Transformation in Numbers: Can CDOs Measure Digitalization Success?

COVID-19 overcame traditional hurdles such as stakeholder relationships, risk aversiveness, and ROI justification that held back many digital transformation efforts. Companies simply saw it as a business necessity, not an evolutionary step for another day. But as the initial enthusiasm wanes, are we ready to quantify digitalization success? This panel will explore this question by examining:

  • How have corporate strategies changed from the pre-pandemic and how are they expected to change further as we near a post-pandemic era
  • The challenges in aligning digital initiatives with corporate strategies
  • Should CDOs care about digitalization KPIs
  • What should we measure and how to do it
  • How do you know your transformation journey is leading to success, or if it needs calibration?

Sponsored Session: Empowering Organizations to Build Cloud on Their Terms

The pace of change in business and IT is relentless—to stay on top and control, you need a digital edge strategy that focuses on agility and performance, with strategic control points placed next to users, clouds and networks. Learn more in this session with NetApp and Equinix experts.

  • Locate data and analytics adjacent to users and applications for improved response times
  • Gain cloud benefits for demanding workloads and match resources to utilization for seasonal or dynamic workloads
  • Multicloud choice and flexibility

Sponsored Session: Governing Your Data with Snowflake

In this session we'll explore Snowflake's holistic approach to managing sensitive data from initial classification through to anonymisation. Furthermore, we'll dive into how Snowflake can surface behavioural patterns behind dataset access to help establish the who and why behind privileged data access.

Panel: Is Hybrid Cloud a Compromise or a Competitive Enhancer?

For a long time, hybrid cloud has been seen as a compromise. It is for those who want cloud-native power but aren’t ready to be one. But in recent times, this belief has given way to hybrid cloud becoming a competitive advantage, allowing companies to explore edge computing and micro data center strategies. This panel will discuss:

  • Reimagining the role of the hybrid-cloud in driving business agility and resiliency
  • New approaches to leveraging core and edge operations using containers and microservices
  • Why security, privacy, and compliance demand a hybrid strategy in the long-term
  • Why some companies are re-migrating their data and apps on-premises

Sponsored Session: Why Actionable Data-Driven Insights Need Brilliant Data Engineers

Data scientists are often celebrated as the champions of insights. Yet, many overlook the work of the data engineer in ensuring that the data is analysis-ready and the data workflows are well managed. Else, making timely, intuitive, and context-specific decisions can be a major struggle. Find out how data modernization can enable effective and efficient use of data to deliver faster and better results.

Sponsored Session: The Life and Times of an AI-Led CX Perfectionist

Data gave companies the ability to analyze customer behaviors. AI took step further by analyzing behaviors throughout customer journeys in near real-time. It allows companies to become better at predicting preferences at scale and personalize their experiences. Find out how AI-driven behavioral and journey analytics is helping companies find new ways to monetize their customer engagements while meeting customer expectations.

Panel: Overcoming the Data Sharing Problems of People and Technologies

Chief data officers continue to show how data sharing can improve services, build deeper customer relationships, and drive better business performance. But working with data at scale, within and across organizations can be a Herculean task. And often, it is as much about people as it is technology. This panel will explore:

  • How CDOs can break down internal data silos for good
  • Balancing data exchange with partners while ensuring privacy, security, and compliance
  • The role of data exchange platforms with partners and data providers in driving data trust

Case Study: How Open Banking Has Transformed Australia’s Lending Landscape

Open banking shook up Australian financial services market in a myriad way. It also levelled the playing field by offering data access to fintechs. This case study will follow one in its transition and movement towards lending 3.0 by leveraging opening banking data.

Panel: Leading the Way to Digital Workplace: The Technologists’ Perspective

Remote working is here to stay, and most organizations recognize this. The ideal digital workplace is based on digitized processes, instant connectivity, efficient communication, and rapid technology upskilling. From the CDOs’ perspective as a technology enabler, this panel will examine:

  • The impacts of hybrid workplace on digital enablement and services
  • The key technological pain points that technologists must overcome
  • Ways to coordinate technology investments and avoid siloed implementations and disparate ownership
  • The digital skillsets and culture that technologist must instill into all business users
  • The level of digital maturity required to facilitate a remote workforce



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Keynote: Transformation in 2022 – Your Next Digital Priorities


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Sponsored Session: Empowering Organizations to Build Cloud on Their Terms


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Sponsored Session: The Life and Times of an AI-Led CX Perfectionist


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Case Study: How Open Banking Has Transformed Australia’s Lending Landscape

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