7th Chief Digital & Data Officer Hong Kong Summit

Rethinking Digital and Data in an AI World


9 October 2024
Hong Kong

7th Chief Digital Officer Hong Kong Summit

The Chief Digital & Data Officer Hong Kong Summit will return on 9 Oct, 2024 for its 7th edition. Please keep an eye on this page for the latest updates on the brand new event theme, timely program topics, and exciting speaker line-up, all in due course. Meanwhile, please find the 2023 event recap below.

Digital maturity in Hong Kong varies as companies face a range of challenges. They include the difficulty of finding talent with relevant experience, foundational data challenges and tech changes outpacing their ability to maximize new opportunities and realize their potential. For digital and data leaders, finding the ROI becomes an elusive goal.

The 6th annual Chief Digital & Data Officer Hong Kong Summit facilitates peer-to-peer discussions between digital, data, IT, ecommerce, CX, and AI leaders as they share their experiences, triumphs, visions, and insights. The Summit addresses data readiness, digital revenue, ROI, speed, collaborations, and emerging tech, as CDOs reconsider how technology is consumed, bridge skill gaps, and reframe what success looks like.

Why Chief Digital & Data Officer Hong Kong Summit is Different

  1. Create business impacts and outcomes through digital and data initiatives
  2. Achieve agility and digital capability for pre-digital, legacy-laded enterprises
  3. Craft seamless experiences for customers and employees to drive human-centricity
  4. Build data and AI capabilities through structure, talent and tech
  5. Explore exponential technologies for monetization opportunities


Keynote: Why Our Idea of Digital Success May Be Outdated

CDOs have made incredible progress in the past couple of years. Yet technological advancement continues to outpace their ability to implement and build. And with emerging technologies revolutionizing the business world, enterprises need to rethink what constitutes success in digital and data. A leading consultant outlines the most impactful emerging techs and how they alter the benchmarks of success.

Panel: Why Phygital Needs a Recalibration for Revenue and Conversion

While customer behaviors have evolved, HK remains primarily real asset driven. With the growth of digital options, physical touchpoints need a makeover to generate optimal financial results. This panel discusses:

  • Elevating physical touchpoints with digital to drive revenue and conversion
  • Linking digital and physical experiences seamlessly for better personalization
  • Knowing your customers better for immersive experiences across customer journeys
  • New ways to differentiate products and capabilities to attract and engage customers from online to offline
  • Overcoming the inertia of ecommerce for luxury goods and tangible assets

Industry Insights: Democratising Data to Deliver Personalised Experiences

The proliferation of customer data across channels and teams makes it difficult to effectively execute against a surge in consumer expectations for personalisation. While behavioral and personal data sources are being collected during user interactions across channels, this data often sits in silos across the organisation. This session will illustrate the keys to building a unified customer profile for effective customer experience management - removing silos, unifying data sources, and making data universally accessible.

Industry Insights: Unlocking the Value of Data with the #datameetingplace

Enterprises are revamping their digital foundations to create contemporary experiences for customers and scale efficiently according to business needs. Explore new modern infrastructure models and strategies that help you overcome your technical debt and move away from your inflexible legacy systems and applications.

Panel: Are We Transforming with the Right Tech?

Budgets are becoming available again for enterprises in HK. CDOs are under pressure to invest in new shiny toys from business users. But with fast-paced tech change and a lack of vendor roadmap visibility, is this approach wise? This panel discusses:

  • Reframing what digital successes look like and calibrating expectations
  • Shifting from tech innovation to value innovation for business impacts
  • Collaborating with solution partners for technology planning
  • Integrating fragmented tech ecologies for interoperability
  • Pondering the notion of fit-for-purpose when purpose changes

[By Invitation Only] Executive Roundtable: Navigating the AI Frontier: Data Adventures, Lessons Learned and Future Horizons

Business leaders see AI as an opportunity to explore new autonomous use cases, drive greater productivity with GenAI, and unlock deeper insights. But for digital and data leaders, it also exposes hidden data infrastructure gaps and new concerns about data gravity.

This roundtable, hosted in collaboration with Digital Realty, will trace the journeys of leading companies to meet AI-led data demands, such as low-latency access to NVIDIA GPU clusters, moving workloads from core to edge, and taming data gravity. This closed group discussion with digital and technology leaders from regional firms will explore current lessons, proven best practices, and new solutions to make data AI-ready.

The roundtable will cover:

  • Understanding AI’s impact on data infrastructure design and how it stresses current ones.
  • Exploring the colocation advantage for balancing machine learning demands, creating high-density architecture, and driving seamless connectivity with a services fabric.
  • Discussing why partnerships and partner ecosystems become vital when creating the proper infrastructure for diverse AI use cases.

[By Invitation Only] Executive Luncheon: Transforming with the Right Tech – How to Invest for Business Impacts

As new technologies emerge, CDOs are constantly exploring their potential in transforming their organizations. Whether they are pioneering with the latest hypes or taking a more risk-averse approach with proven, mature solutions, the aim is to create positive business impacts.

To truly derive value from technological investments, CDOs need a savviness in identifying the fit-for-purpose solutions. Driving business growth rapidly and at scale with the right tech is key to their digital successes.

This Red Hat executive luncheon will feature discussions on the following:

  • The key pillars to realizing returns on technology investments
  • Readying digital infrastructure for speed and scalability of new technologies
  • Mitigating geo-political risk by avoiding vendor lock-ins
  • Best practice and case sharing on how to improve digital infrastructure resiliency and retaining IT talent with automation

Industry Insights: Why Your Data Holds the Key To Digital Revenues

Enterprises use data as strategic assets to predict demand, build product strategies, and manage supply chains. But you need the right solutions to close the gap between data and actionable insights. Find out how to manage, own, and derive such insights faster, increase profitability and streamline operations.

Panel: Why Is It So Difficult to Unify Data?

Over the last decade, we’ve discussed unifying data and creating a single source of truth. Yet, there are few successes and lots of failures. The result is a data landscape filled with fragmented data that poses roadblocks for data-driven strategies. This panel discusses:

  • Identifying the hurdles to harmonizing data: quality, localization, jurisdiction, and systems
  • How to ensure no blind spots with better data protection and proper data governance
  • Tailoring data solutions to business units vs. establishing overarching, group-wide data products: the pros, cons, and business reality

Industry Insights: What They Never Told You About Adopting GenAI Successfully

Generative AI is the latest hype in a series of transformative technologies. Businesses and lay users are excited, and digital leaders must get ready to leverage their potential. Yet, prompt writing in layperson terms, interoperability with existing systems, and data protection remain the hurdles that we must overcome. This session illustrates the optimal ways to adopt and integrate a GenAI with the right IT architecture, skillsets, and tech tools.

Panel: Behind the Race to Make AI Moral

As AI becomes increasingly integral to business and daily lives, ensuring they are ethical and bias-free is essential. But are we ready to judge and regulate? This panel debates:

  • Developing Theory of Mind AI
  • Establishing a responsible and explainable AI culture
  • Navigating AI bias vs. human bias: who judges what is bias-free?
  • Accelerating the development of AI regulatory regime




Dr. Simon Lee
Group Director of Enterprise AI Delivery
AIA Group
Jeremy J Wood
Head of Product Marketing, APAC
Akina Ho
AllStarsWomen DAO
Jacky Leung
Chief Information & Digital Officer
Bluebell Group
Jonathan Bigelow
Winston Thomas
Lawrence Fong
Director, Digital & Information Technology
Cathay Pacific Airways
Nailesh Shah
Head of Digital Channels and Experience
Citibank Hong Kong
Marcus Spurrell
DMALL International
Alan Pang
Deputy GM, Head of Technology (Healthcare & Logistics); Transformation Office Lead
Dah Chong Hong Holdings
Daniel Ong
Solutions Architect Director, APAC
Digital Realty
Dennis McCatty
VP Sales, Global Channels & Alliances
Digital Realty
Tejaswini Tilak
Vice President Marketing, APAC
Digital Realty
John Gist
Global Head of Fidelity Labs
Fidelity International
Shah Irani
Fleet Management
Frederic Giron
VP, Senior Research Director
William Chan
GM – Customer Innovation
Hang Lung Properties
Angel Mok
Partner, Digital Transformation
KPMG China
Stanley Sum
Partner, Head of Digital Enablement
KPMG China
Michael C. Yu
Central Asia Pacific Infrastructure Solution Group Service Leader
Louis Mah
Director, Group Information Technology
Maxim’s Caterers Ltd.
Fareeda Cassumbhoy
Group Chief Digital Officer
Pico Group
Prof. Andy Chun
Regional Director of Technology Innovation
Prudential plc
Colin Chiu
Customer Success Lead, Hong Kong
Red Hat
Jenny Chan
Head, Commercial & Public Accounts, Hong Kong
Red Hat
Marco Au
Head, Enterprise Accounts, Hong Kong
Red Hat
Greg Wong
Director of Centre of Excellence, Platform and Technology
SAP Greater China
Veronica Ho
Head of Data Analytics & Insights
Swire Properties Limited
Ir. Queenie Chan
General Manager - Business Analytics and e-Development
The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited
Edward Wu
Group Head of Business Intelligence


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