CDOTrends Digi-Live! Summit Series

Securing the Agile & Intelligent Future




23 September 2020 10:45am SGT/HKT

Enterprise transformation has changed the security landscape in an increasingly agile, intelligent, and connected world.

Network perimeter protection has increased exponentially. The desire to reduce latency and to achieve scalability sees sensitive data and critical applications placed in multiple fragmented locations off-premise. Staff, compelled to work remotely, are accessing services from vulnerable endpoints that require increased control and monitoring.

Deployments of artificial intelligence, while strengthening threat detection and responses, heralds in brand new attack surfaces in terms of algorithm and training data.

To remain atop the evolving security landscape, CIOs, CDOs, CTOs, CISOs and Data Scientists must collaborate and ensure adequate security tools are deployed in association with the changing technology portfolio and architecture.

The first edition of the CDOTrends Digi-Live! Summit, themed Securing the Agile & Intelligent Future, serves as a collaborative platform for technology leaders, security professionals and data scientists to explore best practices, share lessons learned, and anticipate imminent cybersecurity requirements to ensure the protection and reliability of the most valuable data, assets, applications, and services of their enterprises.

In support of Asian musical talents who now see performance opportunities severely limited by Covid 19 restrictions, the Summit will also feature Live! music performances for your enjoyment.

This Summit is for all professionals involved in IT, digital, security, data analytics and transformation, including:
  • Chief Information Officers

  • Chief Information Security Officers

  • Chief Digital Officers

  • Chief Transformation Officers

  • Chief Technology Officers

  • Chief Digital Technology Officers

  • Chief Innovation Officers

  • Chief Data Officers

  • Chief Data Scientists



Live! Music Performance

11:00 - 11:55am

Perimeters Redefined: Securing Off-Premise DAAS Efficiently
In the quest for agility, data, assets, applications, and services (DAAS) are increasingly located off-premise to enable edge computing, cloud, SaaS, and remote working. This panel will discuss:

  • How can CIOs, CDOs and CISOs best protect the data, assets, applications, and services that reside outside of their network perimeters?
  • How best to secure, monitor, maintain and authenticate endpoints?
  • How to ensure confidentiality while guaranteeing accessibility and availability?

Sponsored Insight: Safeguarding Dynamic Perimeters with Cloud-Native Secure SD-WAN Services
Network perimeters have been redefined by the adoption of edge and cloud capabilities. Find out how cloud-native SD-WAN can protect where your data and applications reside and secure remote and site-to-site access.



Live! Music Performance

12:05 - 1:00pm

Artificial Failure: Protecting AI from Adversaries
AI is being deployed swiftly into business-critical functions. New attack surfaces that have never had to be secured are now targeted with dire consequences at stake. This panel will explore:

  • How can CIOs, CDOs and CISOs protect AI systems from interference, compromise, or misuse?
  • What are some adversarial AI counter-measures and emerging best practices?
  • How can data poisoning be prevented?
  • How can we safeguard against the corruption of human situational awareness through adversarial AI?


Closing Remarks and End of Conference



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