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Doing Digital Better: Scaling Your Digital Business with Optimized Data




24 March 2022 10:00am SGT/HKT

Doing Digital Better: Scaling Your Digital Business with Optimized Data

We have transformed significantly in 2020/2021 to ensure business continuity. It is now time to shift from performing to growing.

To scale your business, you need data-driven insights to make timely and informed decisions. And to achieve this, we need to refine our processes, insight generation, customer engagement, IT architecture and talent management.

This edition of the CDOTrends Digi-Live! Summit, themed Doing Digital Better: Scaling Your Digital Business with Optimized Data, serves as a collaborative platform for data, digital and business leaders to reexamine the new ways to do business and how organizations can further leverage automation, data analytics, and cloud architecture to excel.

In support of Asian musical talents who now see performance opportunities severely limited by COVID-19 restrictions, the Summit will also feature Live! music performances for your enjoyment.

This Summit is for all professionals involved in data, digital, technology, transformation, and business strategies, including:
  • Chief Digital Officers

  • Chief Data Officers

  • Chief Analytics Officers

  • Chief Customer Officers

  • Chief Technology Officers

  • Chief Strategy Officers

  • Chief Data Officers

  • Chief Information Officers

  • Chief Transformation Officers

  • Chief Digital Technology Officers

  • Chief Innovation Officers

  • Heads of eCommerce


Welcome Remarks

10:05 - 11:00

Data 360: Establishing a Complete View of Data to Optimize Business Growth
Enterprises are increasingly turning to data to identify business opportunities and make optimal decisions. Yet, challenges remain in disparate data sources, data quality and trust. This panel will explore:

  • Deriving business insights: Unifying data sources with ideal architecture
  • Building trust in data: Ensuring data quality and discovery
  • Connecting data: Determining the inter-linkage of connected data through data lineage

Sponsored Insight: Unifying Data for Real-Time Business Decisions
Enterprise data remains siloed in distinct systems. To access data in real time for decision-making regardless of format, location, or latency, the right technology is needed. Explore how the data virtualization solves the holistic real-time data challenge.

Additional Resources:

Data Quality Hurdles Keeping CDOs Awake in the Night
Getting around the challenges of accessing quality data.

11:00 - 11:55

The End-to-End Automation of Analytics
In the quest to democratize data and generate insights quicker, enterprises are automating their data processes. This panel will explore:

  • Accelerating data input, cleansing, integration, and analytics through robotic process automation.
  • Democratizing data analytics through low-code tools.
  • Surfacing insights and building models through AutoML.
  • Establishing auto-triggers for prescriptive actions.

Sponsored Insight: How Automation Can Power Faster, Better Business Outcomes
Data scientists are still spending a large portion of their time cleansing and preparing data. To get the data ready faster and deliver real-time insights for actions, they need to eliminate such mundane and repetitive tasks. Find out how analytic process automation helps convert data into decisions in minutes.

Additional Resources:

Succeeding With Citizen Data Scientists
How organizations can help citizen data scientists reach their full potential. Read more...

How To Use Citizen Data Scientists To Maximize Your D&A Strategy
For citizen data scientists to be successful, data and analytics (D&A) leaders must enable, encourage and promote the role. Read more...

12:05 - 13:00

The Imperative of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Data Analytics
For enterprises to get the right products and solutions, diversity is a must. From a data governance perspective, diverse data sets are needed for bias-free modelling and AI-training. From a team composition perspective, the gender imbalance of only 26% female professionals in data and AI needs to be addressed to facilitate genuinely diverse ways-of-thoughts. This panel will explore:

  • How data leaders can ensure fairness in data set for bias-free insights
  • Why enterprises should care about having diverse, inclusive data teams
  • How chief data officers can ensure diversity and inclusion in data and AI teams

Sponsored Insight: Cultivating Female Data Talents through Partnerships
Microsoft has launched the Code; Without Barriers program in partnership with organizations across Asia Pacific. Addressing the challenges in locating women with aspirations in data and AI, skilling them and retaining them in this field, the program aims to for a more diverse data community. Find out how you could participate in this initiative to upskill women in AI.


Closing Remarks and End of Conference


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