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The Trouble with Data
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10 December 2020 10:45am SGT/HKT

The Trouble with Data

Data-driven decisions and data-centric enterprises have captured the limelight in recent years. These organizations are maximizing the potential value of data in creating new revenue streams, making their operations more agile, and becoming innovative.

Data scientists will tell you that having the right data is only half the story. You also need to ensure proper data preparation and governance to ensure the data-driven insights are valid. It is why they spend most of their time in data preparation instead of analysis. While new tools and concepts, such as data virtualization, help, many companies are still far from a proper and streamlined data infrastructure.

This edition of the CDOTrends Digi-Live! Summit, themed The Trouble with Data, serves as a collaborative platform for digital leaders and data scientists to explore how companies can deploy a proper data infrastructure. It will also investigate use cases where companies successfully addressed data challenges with the right platform, tools, and processes.

In support of Asian musical talents who now see performance opportunities severely limited by COVID-19 restrictions, the Summit will also feature Live! music performances for your enjoyment.

This Summit is for all professionals involved in digital, data, technology, and transformation, including:
  • Chief Data Officers

  • Chief Digital Officers

  • Chief Technology Officers

  • Chief Data Scientists

  • Chief Analytics Officers

  • Chief Information Officers

  • Chief Transformation Officers

  • Chief Digital Technology Officers

  • Chief Innovation Officers


10:55 - 11:50am

Growing Data: Crafting a Data Infrastructure that is Agile and Scalable
Data grows in volume and complexity. It is thus essential for data infrastructure to accommodate this growth to support data initiatives. This panel will discuss:

  • What Data Scientists consider as a decent, future-proof architecture
  • New ways to collect and store data that address concerns over scalability, costs, and network capacity
  • How best to optimize data with data virtualization and automated data tiering and compression
  • New techniques and tools that ease Data Scientists’ workload on data preparation
  • Why a proper data infrastructure is crucial for companies looking to partner, merge, and acquire other companies for rapid growth

Sponsored Insights: Logical Architecture for Advanced Analytics
In this session you will learn what data virtualization is and how it can:

  • Provide all of the enterprise data, in real-time, and without replication
  • Create a logical data lake for advanced analytics programs
  • Solve the data pipeline problem and save time for data scientists


12:05 - 1:00pm

Unlocking Value: Creating Harmony from Ever-Growing Data Sources
As companies access vast amounts of data from an increasing number of sources, integrating and harmonizing data manually is increasingly challenging. This panel will explore:

  • Establishing a data management program to access, integrate, cleanse, and govern data
  • Using AI/ML to automate cleansing and blending of data
  • Orchestrating data-related activities across varied locations
  • Creating a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) from multiple sources
  • Processing and extracting value from unstructured data, including text, audio, and video


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