HR & Digital Asia Summit

Rewriting the HR Playbook in the Digital Era


23 MAY 2019
Facebook APAC HQ
Level 29, Marina One West Tower, 9 Straits View, Singapore 018937

HR & Digital Asia Summit

Recruitment, retention, and career progression of talent no longer follows the rules of the past. HR is evolving as a strategic function and impacts the entire organization’s competitiveness and value proposition especially in a world where talent is becoming a critical issue.

The new employee also has different expectations compared to those of his his/her parents. Jobs are less about security and more about personal fulfilment, as millennials look for new and exciting experiences and want to enjoy their work, not just log in the hours. 

Meanwhile, the move to the gig economy is disrupting the traditional workplace model. Companies and employees are far more focused on tasks, projects and results. Contract and remote work are becoming the norm in many fields as barriers from geography, time and language collapse.

These trends are creating unique questions for HR:

What are the disruptive technologies and new models of work that HR needs to be aware of? What can a company do to attract talent in an employee-driven market, with millennials demanding entirely new experiences at the workplace? And what can HR teams do to improve onboarding in the new digital era?


The inaugural HR & Digital Asia Summit aims to answer these questions and more by bringing together HR & Digital Business Leaders from Asia’s most influential brands. They will share insights into their digital and business enablement journey, discuss actual data-driven HR use cases and highlight new trends in digital workplace, onboarding and teambuilding, workforce and talent management that HR teams need to know.

HR and business leaders in attendance will have access to exclusive content that focuses on improving your capabilities, honing your skills, and gaining the right expertise. The knowledge shared will help you to effectively manage technology-led disruption and Digital change from a Business, talent and HR perspective.


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This summit is designed for anyone involved in Human Resources Management, including Chief Human Resource Officers, Chief People Officers, Chief Talent Officers, Chief Learning Officers, Chief Knowledge Officers, Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Administrative Officers and CEOs / MDs / COOs and CDOs.



  • Insurance, Banking & Finance
  • Healthcare & Pharma     
  • Automobile & Transportation
  • Retail & Distribution
  • FMCG & Consumer Good
  • Governments & Public Sector
  • Real Estate & Infrastructure
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Telecom




Registration & Refreshments

Opening Keynote : Us 4.0 for Industry 4.0

Short-term contracts, part-time staff, freelance workers are all a reality; “job security” is a thing of the past. Companies hire and fire frequently; equally, talented staff give their all to a company for a couple of years (or less) and move on. Online portals and a change in approach to work have thrown open the gates to the digital economy. Yet, HR is often slow to adjust and unwilling to rethink the very definition of what a “job” is, sometimes turning away talented staff in the process. This keynote will look at how HR can adapt to this new world of work, which is more global, more fragmented, and less 9-to-6 than ever before.

speaker photo
Vivek Kumar
Assistant Director-General
National Trades Union Congress (NTUC)
Keynote: Blending HR & Digital to Bring Company Brand & Culture to Life!

Talent is a huge part of digital transformation initiatives in enterprises. As a result, many HR functions are becoming more tightly integrated with lines of business (LOBs) and the HR department is taking on a more strategic role within the organisation. This case study session will look at the following questions:

  • How does HR help in the digital transformation process and work closely with the C-suite in effecting large-scale changes within organisations?
  • How does HR help in crafting the intangible (but very valuable) company culture that impact a brand and revenue in the long term?

speaker photo
Varun Bhatia
Chief People & Culture Officer


Keynote: The Hidden Value of Organisational Health – The Playbook for Putting People First

As new technologies come into play and old jobs become automated, how does HR ensure that the workforce remains optimally trained to stay ahead of the competition? Building an agile future-ready workforce requires ‘right-
skilling’. This session will talk about reimagining and creating talent-driven organisations with the right people in the right roles. Get insights on how a focus on organisational culture accelerated an organisation’s transformation
towards creating something new.

speaker photo
Sheela Parakkal
Chief Human Resources Officer
Prudential Assurance Company
Expert Insights: How HR Organizations can Innovate to Drive Employee Engagement

People fuel company growth. But are you providing fuel for your people? In this session, you will learn how Scoot is transforming their company by focusing on their people. Scoot’s HR team will share how their core HR systems drive employee engagement by focusing on enabling connectedness and collaboration, and how this contributes to solving the challenges and achieving their objectives.


speaker photo
Douglas Chan
Manager, Human Resources
Executive Panel: Meet Your Robot Colleague

Integrating your digital or automated workforce with the human workforce is not a distant dream (or nightmare) - it’s on the horizon and in some cases it is here already. This panel will look at how companies are now managing human and bot workforces within their teams and HR’s role in making sure that they work well together.



Keynote : Unlocking the Potential in Human Capital

There are many hidden talents in a workforce, and sometimes the best way of drawing them out is to enable the workforce to perform at its best and take the pain out of processes. True innovation is only possible when HR, technology and employees are all aligned with a company’s vision of the future of work. This session will address how HR can directly contribute to business success and how a seamless working environment can enable human capital to unlock dormant ideas.

speaker photo
Mukund Rajagopalan
Lead - Asia Pacific, Leadership & Talent Enablement Centre (LTEC)
The Boston Consulting Group, India
Keynote: Rethinking Today's HR for Tomorrow's Workforce

With the emergence of infotech and biotech, philosophers, scientists and business gurus have been pondering the future of work. Predictions abound ranging from doomsday “Terminator” scenarios to utopic fantasies of a future leisure class. This session will stimulate thinking about the future of human activity and the value of Human Capital.

speaker photo
Stephane Michaud
Senior Director - Human Link Asia
Mitsubishi Corporation
Executive Panel : Technology Disruptions in the HR Landscape

A decade ago, there were few internal collaboration tools within companies. Today, it’s impossible to conceive of a competitive enterprise without some sort of messaging or project management tool in place. In a few years, AI, blockchain and predictive analytics may determine your succession plans and promotions. All these innovations are disrupting the HR function in the time to come. Is HR ready? This panel sessions will examine the trends, disruptive technologies and innovations that matter.






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Opening Keynote : Us 4.0 for Industry 4.0


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Keynote: Blending HR & Digital to Bring Company Brand & Culture to Life!


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Keynote: The Hidden Value of Organisational Health – The Playbook for Putting People First


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Expert Insights: How HR Organizations can Innovate to Drive Employee Engagement


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Keynote : Unlocking the Potential in Human Capital


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Keynote: Rethinking Today's HR for Tomorrow's Workforce