Pure Leadership Series: The Data Sovereignty Imperative: Navigating a New Era of Control and AI Innovation

26 June 2024, Wednesday

The Data Sovereignty Imperative

The Data Sovereignty Imperative

Data sovereignty creates significant challenges for scaling AI projects efficiently, particularly for companies operating across multiple jurisdictions. These companies must navigate complex and evolving data localization and residency regulations while ensuring their performance and security remain intact. Achieving this balance requires careful consideration of specific AI use cases and existing infrastructure limitations.

In the upcoming Pure Leadership Series webinar organized by Pure Storage and CDOTrends, we explore these challenges in greater depth. We will dissect the nuances of various data sovereignty legislation,

explore best practices for model training and inference pipelines that meet these requirements, and identify critical considerations for AI teams.

Key Discussion Areas:

  • Data Sovereignty Primer for AI Engineers: An in-depth analysis of how data sovereignty regulations can impede AI project scalability and performance.
  • Finding the Elusive Compliant and Agile Data Infra: A pragmatic exploration of strategies and technologies for building a compliant data infrastructure that does not compromise performance and data security.
  • Best Practices for Different AI Use Cases: A look at the best practices tailored to specific AI use cases, along with potential pitfalls and mitigation strategies for practitioners.
  • AI Beyond Borders: An assessment of the feasibility and challenges of cross-border AI data flows in the context of data sovereignty regulations.
  • Mitigating Data Fragmentation Risks: Strategies for managing dispersed data storage environments while minimizing data latency and ensuring optimal performance for AI workloads.
  • Technology sovereignty vs. data sovereignty: How these impact AI projects and key insights in managing the various issues.
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  • Sunday, 05 November 2017
  • 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
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