Cloudera Builds Big Data Platform on Tata Communications’ Cloud

Cloudera Inc. and Tata Communications are making it easier for enterprise firms to use data to drive improved productivity, better customer experiences, and more innovation.

The two firms have inked a new strategic partnership that combines Tata Communications’ global network footprint with Cloudera’s machine Learning and analytics capabilities. It answers enterprise calls for better data analytics capabilities to drive growth and compete better.

Data growth is already a significant concern for many firms. Research firm IDC predicted that by global data volumes would reach 163 zettabytes of data by 2025. It is ten times the amount of data 2016 saw.

The volume of data is not the only concern. Diverse data types, various data sources and increasing costs to manage data are causing headaches enterprises.

The strategic partnership will result in a new suite of Managed services for Big Data that directly tackle these challenges. It will leverage Tata Communications’ Tier-1 global network, which is reportedly the world’s largest, and use Cloudera’s machine learning capabilities to capture, store and analyze data across different formats and sources quickly.

“Enterprises are already capturing and storing the data that could fuel their growth, if managed efficiently and effectively. With Cloudera’s leadership in the fields of machine learning and advanced analytics and our network and cloud capabilities, managed services for Big Data will help enterprises tackle this data deluge by consolidating data from all sources, both on-premise and cloud-based, into a centralized big data platform,” Srinivasan CR, Senior Vice President, Global Product Management & Data Centre Services at Tata Communications said in a press release.

Both firms want to use the solution to help their customers to transform data management from a cost center into a profit one. Both claim that their solution will help these customers to increase productivity, improve customer experiences and drive innovation.

“Organizations are still relying on legacy solutions to deal with today’s challenge of large and growing amounts of data. The managed services offering for Big Data helps enterprises turn this into an opportunity, with a modern and integrated big data platform that deploys machine learning and advanced analytics.” Mark Micallef, vice president, Asia Pacific, and Japan at Cloudera said in the same press release.

The Managed Services for Big Data is available in dedicated or multi-tenant private cloud environments. It uses a pay-as-you-use cost model and includes critical features such as data lifecycle management across acquisitions, awareness, and modeling, analytics, and governance, managed analytics and visualization tools and professional services.

Tier III data centers in Mumbai, Singapore, and the U.K., are certified to TIA 942 standards, will host the services. Customer data will be replicated across Big Data nodes.

The Services are also backed by SLAs, ISO 20000 certification and data management processes based on ISO 27001 standards. They use Cloudera’s ready-to-deploy Enterprise Data Hub for fast and secure analysis of data at rest or in transit.