AI Police Are Watching You

Surveillance is about to get a lot more intelligent across Asia.

ImageDeep Systems is unveiling a new surveillance technology that tracks human behaviors using an internet of things (IoT) platform in what the company calls a “Fused AI” approach that melds machine learning and traditional rule-based algorithms.

The new platform analyzes “thousands” of video camera feeds to look for unusual human patterns. According to the company, this approach can reduce false alarms and allow for “timely intervention”.

“In security applications, we flag suspicious human demeanor before a crime is committed and prevent it from happening. In retail, we can categorize shoppers, staff and children from footfall. This technology will have a great impact on crime prevention and optimized revenue for facilities management,” said Martin Brecknock, head of business, ImageDeep Systems.

According to the press release, ImageDeep Systems will also launch an AI Communications Hub in Hong Kong in the spring of 2019 to serve our existing clients in South East Asia while supporting the Greater Bay Area and Smart City initiatives in North Asia.

Meanwhile, Dathena is co-selling its AI-powered data protection and management platform with Microsoft.

“Co-sell at Microsoft is a collaborative selling initiative to enable Microsoft and select partners to drive joint revenue and customer success. In order to get the status of ‘Co-Sell Ready’, the solution must meet strict criteria, which Dathena has successfully achieved this year,” said Pratima Amonkar, Microsoft’s APAC lead for ISV Business in a press release.

The Dathena 99 Core Engine together with Microsoft Azure Information Protection aims to offer total data protection and management using AI.

“Together, Dathena’s AI-driven product suite combined with Microsoft’s Azure Information Protection (AIP) deliver an intuitive and comprehensive solution, helping customers take control of and protect their data,” said Amonkar.

“We’re thrilled to have been selected as a co-sell partner by Microsoft. Together, we look forward to helping organizations around the globe secure their data and meet regulatory requirements, allowing them to focus on their core business with peace of mind,” said Christopher Muffat, Dathena’s founder and chief executive officer said in the press release.