Lee Gardens Gets in Vogue with New Retail Revolution

Lee Gardens is synonymous to Hong Kong’s retail success. Leading brands and upcoming fashion houses have addresses in this retail hub.

But mall operators are not immune to the online retail revolution. Many see online retailers taking away business and opportunities.

But Hysan Development Company Ltd sees these retailers as part of an opportunity. It calls it the New Retail Revolution and aims to redefine the mall shopping experience. It will offer seamless experience online, offline and in the mall.

"The 'New Retail Revolution' concept refers to an innovative retail model that connects the online presence, offline retail experience and logistics service," said Ricky Lui, chief operating officer at Hysan Development Company.

“In this respect, mall operations are no longer simply offline businesses. As a landlord and mall operator, Hysan strives to stay at the front of this New Retail trend. We're taking a consumer-oriented approach, making use of advanced technology to develop an integrated shopping experience that combines product, member, marketing and transaction services,” he added.

Part of the goal is to revamp the Lee Gardens Area's image as a shopping destination for all shoppers.

“With a goal to realize 'innovation, integration and automation', not only will this new and exciting omnichannel retail experience accelerate the digital transformation of the Lee Gardens Area in Causeway Bay, but it will also maintain the Lee Gardens Area's unparalleled status as the Heartbeat of Hong Kong," Lui said.

New Retail Revolution involves six new digital transformation initiatives. They include smart community, co-marketing, consumer experience, retail technology and big data, omnichannel communication and third-party collaboration.

“Hysan is at the vanguard of global technology trends. We are particularly focusing on six aspects, namely community, merchants, consumers, technology and big data, communications, and partnerships,” said Tiffany Lam, marketing and customer experience director at Hysan Development Company.

The six initiatives include:

  • Building a smart community through technology innovations. They aim to integrate online services, offline experiences and modern logistics. These include high-speed Wi-Fi across the Lee Garden area, advanced e-directory, and an e-gift certificate system.
  • New mobile app with seven new functions, optimized big data analysis and customized retail mode. They include applications like AI chatbots for queries and navigation and internet of things (IoT) based contactless smart parking system. It will also feature third-party collaborations with OpenRice becoming the first partner.
  • Personalized retail experience through the new mobile app. It will see the app integrate CRM for better personalization. Loyal members can use their points and rewards in more productive ways.
  • Enhance marketing efficiency through O2O collaborations with merchants. The new level of collaboration was evident during the recent Avengers: Endgame exhibition. Lee Gardens Plus users used their mobile app to register for the VIP Preview Day, where they played games. The prize was a Fast Pass for the pop-up store. “All these developments will also help our merchants transform and stay abreast of the New Retail era, expanding their market coverage and businesses," Lam said.
  • Integrate online and offline communication and brand repositioning. Hysan Development Company will integrate eight different communication modes. The integration will allow the company to reposition its corporate branding.
  • Integration with third-party partners. The company sees e-commerce giants like OpenRice and Alipay as partners. The company is also promoting its "retail-tainment" business mode, which incorporates retail and entertainment to boost consumption.