COVID-19 Pushes DX Into Overdrive Across APAC

Photo credit: iStockphoto/SquishyDoom

The world is finally coming to terms with the global impact of COVID-19. With deaths seen across every continent except Antarctica, forward-looking companies look to digital innovation to make an impact and ease supply chain headaches.

One example is Hong Kong-headquartered New World Development. The Group which donated HKD 10 million to establish a so-called community anti-epidemic fund, is setting up local mask production lines to ramp up local production. More interestingly, it is investing another HKD 10 million and partnering with Hong Kong-based innovator Master Dynamic (MD) to develop NanoDiamonds technology for masks. 

MD, based in Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, developed T MARK. It is a nano-making technology that offers antibacterial coating for Chow Tai Fook jewellery. 

It discovered the same technology blocks off and suppresses bacteria and virus growth. MD is looking to use the fresh infusion of cash to apply the technology to the non-woven material of surgical masks. Preliminary results from this R&D project are expected in four months.  

This is not the first time MD used NanoDiamonds technology for healthcare. It worked with a local university to use the technology and help doctors to locate early stage tumors. 

While healthcare, logistics, tourism and retail are on the front lines, banks are living on borrowed time. Standard Chartered is not.  

Recently, the banking giant inked a strategic agreement to introduce the Infor Nexus network to the bank's clients. It is looking to ease supply chain friction, while offering suppliers much-needed capital.

The Infor Nexus network automates data matching across multiple commercial documents including purchase orders, invoices and transport documents. It speeds up trade financing cycles, allowing suppliers to access capital faster and at more critical points in the transaction cycle. This will also improve on-time delivery of goods.

“We are excited to have this introduction agreement in place with Infor, whose platform offering not only fits well with our emerging markets footprint, which generates significant trade documents flows, but also shares a similar commitment in supporting the development of sustainable, intelligent supply chains,” says Michael Sugirin, global head of open account trade product management at Standard Chartered.  

The strategic agreement will see Standard Chartered referring clients to Infor and its Infor Nexus network, based on specific needs.

Photo credit: iStockphoto/SquishyDoom