Alteryx Announces Partnership With Snowflake

Data science and analytics firm Alteryx has announced a partnership with Snowflake, which will see the further integration of Alteryx analytics automation and data science capabilities with Snowflake's platform.

According to Alteryx, this will allow customers to leverage its no-code, low-code data science capabilities with Snowflake for automated data pipelining, faster data processing and speeds analytics outcomes at scale.

Powerful analytics in the cloud

This new offering is understood to come with a 30-day free trial for a single, seamless user experience to automates connectivity to Snowflake and executes Alteryx's automated data transformation capabilities – among others – within Snowflake.

On its part, Alteryx offers an analytic process automation (APA) platform that it says unifies analytics, data science, and business process automation as part of a seamless, end-to-end platform.

Snowflake last year unveiled its Data Cloud, which is a large ecosystem for customers to instantly share live data in a governed and secured fashion. The idea is that customers can initiate data sharing by simply designating data for sharing and granting the appropriate permissions.

“Our partnership with Alteryx can help make scalable analytics and data science on Snowflake more accessible to citizen analysts across an organization, to help drive business outcomes,” said Colleen Kapase, vice president of global alliances at Snowflake.

“As demand for analytics and data science on Snowflake increases, partnerships with organizations, such as Alteryx, help us serve customers globally and supports our mission of mobilizing the world's data,” said Kapase.

“Together, Alteryx and Snowflake share hundreds of joint customers and with this new integrated offering and partnership, we will serve the growing market demand,” according to Alteryx chief strategy and marketing officer Sharmila Mulligan.

“We're excited that this closer partnership with Snowflake will further enable our customers to accelerate analytics and data science automation at scale and succeed in their digital transformation initiatives.”

The announcement also sees Alteryx recognized as a Premier Partner within the Snowflake Partner Program, and Snowflake recognized as an Alteryx Featured Select Partner.

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Image credit: iStockphoto/Blue Planet Studio