Data Cloud Alliance to Accelerate Adoption of Analytics, AI

A new cloud alliance has been announced, with founding members hailing from some of the largest or fastest-growing data, analytics, storage, and database providers in the tech industry.

Data Cloud Alliance

With the stated objective of giving global businesses seamless access and insights into the data required for digital transformation, the Data Cloud Alliance envisions accelerating the adoption of data analytics and AI best practices across industries.

This will be achieved through common industry data models, open standards, and integrated processes.

According to the press release, founding members are Google Cloud, Accenture, Confluent, Databricks, Dataiku, Deloitte, Elastic, Fivetran, MongoDB, Neo4j, Redis, and Starburst.

The idea here is to make life easier for members’ customers by working together to streamline APIs and integration support for better data portability and accessibility between their platforms.

Despite the name of the alliance, this will span both cloud and non-cloud environments. Moreover, each member will collaborate on new, common industry data models, processes, and platform integrations to increase data portability and reduce complexity associated with data governance and global compliance.

“As the data-to-value gap increases, no one technology or service can tackle this challenge alone. We recognize our obligation as a data cloud leader to expedite and automate the first leg of analytics – data integration, particularly from SaaS and database sources – so that rich insights are made available to organizations much faster [to] make data-driven decisions,” said Mark Van de Wiel, field CTO at Fivetran.

It remains to be seen if the alliance will gain traction, however, as current members are generally not competitors but offer services that complement each other. Notably, Snowflake and AWS are not part of the alliance despite their strong market share.

Interestingly, Snowflake filed a trademark registration for “Data Cloud Alliance” in 2020, reports TechCrunch, but the registration is now abandoned.

“Data is the common foundation for all digital transformations,” said Gerrit Kazmaier, the vice president and general manager of Databases, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence at Google Cloud.

“By committing to open data standards, access, and integration between the most popular data platforms and applications today, we believe we can significantly accelerate business transformations and close the data to value gap,” he said.

Image credit: iStockphoto/girafchik123