2nd Chief Digital Officer Hong Kong Summit

Rethinking Digital for Business Agility

25 October 2019
18th Floor,The Mira Hong Kong

2nd Chief Digital Officer Hong Kong Summit.

Global business is at a knife’s edge. Tariffs, regulations, security threats, global network outages, economic uncertainty, rising labor costs, soaring raw material prices, supply chain disruption and a fickle user community are taking their toll. To survive, businesses need to become agile. Digital transformation that drives this agility is no longer an option; it has become a business imperative.

Chief digital officers (CDOs) and their digital peers know this. They are tasked to drive their digital vision and reinvent their internal architecture for agility. They are already embracing AI, IoT, AR/VR, blockchain and other initiatives to make their infrastructure responsive and agile to business needs.

But the real challenge lies in getting buy-in from all stakeholders. Balancing the different needs of their partners, vendors and user communities, and future-proofing against future shocks are not for the faint-hearted.

2nd Chief Digital Hong Kong Summit

Hong Kong CDOs face an additional challenge: a trade war fallout. In the past, Hong Kong’s businesses enjoyed being strategically located between China and the rest of the world. With the realignment of the global economy and the current trade war, business risks have increased. To remain relevant, companies need to take advantage of initiatives like the Greater Bay Area. But it requires companies to answer the hard questions and transform into an agile business -- or risk becoming irrelevant fast.

The 2nd Chief Digital Officer Hong Kong Summit offers to discuss these hard questions and more. It examines where we are in business agility, the strategies that worked, crucial lessons from failures and the business realities that impact Hong Kong and regional CDOs. Learn about marketing-defining innovations, understand new technologies fresh from the labs, and hear how leading companies are navigating various challenges. More importantly, it will show why digital transformation and agility will define future leaders.

Why Chief Digital Officer Hong Kong Summit is Different

1.   Learn about what “digital” means for pre-digital, legacy-laded enterprises.

2.   Listen to industry peers as they learn from digital startups on infrastructure agility.

3.   Understand how CDOs need to start working together with the C-suite to shift gears on the digital mandate.

4.   Know how to run an end-to-end digital transformation process and what to keep in mind.

5.   Acquire valuable insights on driving digital transformation initiatives in an increasingly fast-paced, dynamic and interconnected business environment.

6.   Meet over 180 industry innovators, digital thought leaders and technology enthusiasts at receptions, meetups, lunches and more.

7.   Gain access to the latest disruptive technologies and be the first to see the latest tech products and solutions



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Opening Remarks by Chairperson


Opening Keynote: Digital Agility: The Missing Ingredient for the Greater Bay Area Success

As China, Macau and Hong Kong make plans to create a digital innovation hub in Guangdong, digital transformation becomes critical for those looking to compete with digital-native start-ups. The GBA plan presents rich and unique opportunities, but also formidable challenges, a key one being the current fluid state of affairs in the region, from the political situation in Hong Kong to reports that Shenzhen may take on a greater role in the GBA’s development. All of this requires a clear digital vision to maximize the benefits and needs a digital architecture that is agile enough to handle whatever surprises materialize in the near future. This session offers a primer and a framework.

speaker photo
Adam Stuckert
Partner, CIO Advisory
KPMG China
Impact Keynote : So You Want to be a CDO …

The Chief Digital Officer is a complex role that is still evolving. It is no longer about driving the digital mandate; for many companies, CDOs help them to remain agile and responsive to market dynamics. CDOs are also increasingly shaping the internal environment, using automation, IoT, AI and other new technologies for operational excellence. So, is the CDO an orchestrator, a leader, a navigator or a convenient scapegoat? We explore in this session.



Fireside Chat with CEOs : Digital DIY: Trial and Triumphs of Digital-Only

Start-ups are already embracing the concept of “digital only”, where every aspect of the business is conducted online. But how realistic is this approach for traditional companies who have a lot of legacy baggage? And does it work for every industry? We ask leading CEOs in this session.

Expert Insights: The Art and Science of Becoming Data-driven

Charting your Digital Transformational Journey

Research shows that organizations around the world are failing, flailing, or paralysed in their digital transformation initiatives. Transformation done properly is a risky business. It can bring massive disruption to a company, and transformation in the digital age has been largely associated with multi-year projects, massive outlays of investment, and statistics that say it won’t work. In this session, Kevin will share the strategies for driving successful transformation to who desire to get more, today, out of their transformation initiatives, or who have a mandate to “do more with data”.

speaker photo
Kevin McIsaac
APAC Business Value Practice Lead
C-Suite Talk : Stop Talking Digital; Start Talking Customer Experience

Digital is not the end game but rather an enabler. But this message often gets lost in our drive to adopt the latest digital innovation. This panel will discuss how customer expectations have changed, the digital role in enabling it, and what do customers really want (but are not saying).



Expert Insights : Real-Time Decision-Making Agility: Can It Be Done?

Can business decisions be done in real-time and make a company truly agile? For many years, companies have relied on historical data to make future strategic decisions. But in today’s business environment, it may be too late. In this session, we will look at how CDOs can use the latest tools to drive real-time decision making.

Executive Panel: Death by Data: How to Solve the Big Data Problem

Line-of-Business often doesn’t care how IT gets its job done; they just want it done. But with digitization, they are beginning to appreciate the vast and exponentially increasing data that in-house IT teams have to deal with. How can line of business and IT work together to grapple with the vast amounts of data an enterprise can potentially use, and how does a CDO become a bridge between the two?

Fireside Chat: AI Anxiety: Convincing your Employees that Automation is a Good Thing

Mention automation and employees think of replacement. But can you blame them? Many automation and AI tools are sold on how well they replace expensive manual labor. Yet, early adopters of AI and RPA are finding that they are actually helping employees to perform better. This session will look at the augmentation benefits of AI, and how to get your employees rooting for it.

Executive Panel : Do you have the Right Digital Tribe?

Mindset and cultural agility have become just as important as technological know-how. The CDO is responsible for triggering and overseeing massive internal transformations while ensuring that these are embraced, adopted and used by the intended users. In other words, he or she needs the right digital tribe. This session looks at how CDOs can help to create the right digital tribe and how it can speed up agility.



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Opening Keynote: Digital Agility: The Missing Ingredient for the Greater Bay Area Success


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Expert Insights: The Art and Science of Becoming Data-driven


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Expert Insights : Real-Time Decision-Making Agility: Can It Be Done?

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