7th Chief Digital & Data Officer Asia Summit

The AI Edge: Driving Digital Growth in a Shifting Landscape


8 May 2024

7th Chief Digital & Data Officer Asia Summit

The AI revolution is fueling the next era of digital growth. To stay ahead of the curve, companies must harness AI for competitive advantage, rapid adaptability, and data-driven decision-making—especially in today’s unpredictable market.

However, realizing your AI/ML potential demands careful strategy. Chief digital officers, chief data officers and AI leaders must strike the right balance between investment and ROI, modern infrastructure and budget constraints, cutting-edge innovation and robust governance, and the right level of automation. It’s a winning formula that can help your company drive optimal business returns.

The 7th annual Chief Digital & Data Officer Asia Summit aims to discuss how to craft this formula, piecing together real-world experience, critical technological advances and upcoming digital trends that matter. It facilitates peer-to-peer discussions between digital, data, IT, e-commerce, CX, and AI leaders as they share their experiences, triumphs, visions, and insights. The Summit addresses data readiness, digital revenue, core reinvention, ROI, speed, collaboration, and emerging tech as CDOs reconsider how technology is delivered, address skill gaps and reframe what success looks like.

Why Chief Digital & Data Officer Asia Summit is Different

  1. Create business impacts and outcomes through digital and data initiatives
  2. Achieve agility and digital capability through architecture, application, and process modernization
  3. Craft seamless experiences for customers and employees in a phygital world
  4. Enhance data and AI capabilities through structure, talent and tech
  5. Refine talent and organizational strategies for digital and data resources
  6. Explore exponential technologies for monetization opportunities


Keynote: Mastering the AI Balancing Act for Business Wins – The New Roadmap

Between pace, costs, skillsets, partnerships, compliance, and outcomes, digital teeters on the balance. To successfully outperform their competitors, CDOs must strike the delicate balance that maximizes the benefits best suited for their enterprise needs. A leading consultant will provide his perspective on the contrasting goals, restrictions, and considerations CDOs face and how they can prevail in their digital journeys in an AI World.

Panel: The Perfect Partnership – How to Blend AI and Humans for Exceptional Experiences

AI is revolutionizing experiences changing how customers and employees engage with enterprises. With renewed expectations and behaviors come new opportunities to create value. This panel will examine:

  • Enhancing personalized customer journeys, from engagement to conversion
  • Creating immersive and memorable customer interactions, from online to offline
  • Preparing for autonomous custobots, or machine customers, that will disrupt routes to market
  • Reshaping work and employee experiences, from automation to augmentation
  • Improving developer experiences to overcome skill gaps

Industry Insights: The Right Infrastructure: Operationalize AI and Realize the Full Potential of Your Data

Generative AI is creating a massive inflection point in the market. To accelerate and scale the impact of data and AI across the enterprise – and ultimately improve business outcomes – organizations must be intentional in their hybrid cloud infrastructure and tackle a broad set of considerations. In this session, an IBM leader will illustrate:

  • How to solve unprecedented data challenges to operationalize AI
  • How to increase the value of data while ensuring data resilience
  • How to realize the full potential of your data through the right infrastructure

Future of Data & AI Stories – Augment & Automate to Accelerate Impact

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Data & AI, the ability to craft impactful narratives is crucial for driving organizational success. However, amidst competing priorities such as personalization, agility, scalability, and cost management, achieving this efficiently poses a significant challenge. This session delves into innovative strategies centered around augmentation and automation for Data & AI Stories. By harnessing advanced technologies, such as AI-driven augmentation and automation tools, organizations can streamline processes, accelerate impact, and achieve more with their storytelling initiatives. Join us as we explore how augmentation and automation synergize to propel Data & AI narratives forward, driving meaningful outcomes in the digital era while balancing the demands of personalization, agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Panel: Continuous Transformation – Is Your Core Up to the Task?

CDOs are committing to fast-paced technological advancements such as AI, advanced data science, and edge computing, to pursue the next wave of digital transformation in the interconnected world. But can the existing IT infrastructure cope with the significant change in computing needs and the shift in business requirements? This panel will discuss:

  • Modernizing core IT to place workloads strategically through connectivity
  • Orchestrating IT infrastructure with consideration of outcomes, simplicity, sovereignty, security, sustainability, and regulatory requirements
  • Rethinking data gathering, broader architectures, and tech tool deployments
  • Balancing the dual priorities of core modernization and cost rationalization

[By Invitation Only] Roundtable: Accelerate Data-Driven Architecture to Realize the Full Potential of Your Data and AI

In less than a year, generative AI has become a top strategic priority for enterprises around the world. Successfully harnessing this transformative technology requires huge volumes of data, massive computing power, advanced security architecture, and rapid scalability.

Yet enterprises today are faced with unprecedented data challenges to accelerate AI at scale including:

  • Volume: Aggregate data volume set to grow over 250% in the next 5 years.
  • Locations: 82% of enterprises are inhibited by data silos.
  • Formats: 80% of time is spent on data cleaning, integration, and preparation.
  • Quality: 82% of enterprises say data quality is a barrier.

This roundtable will look at how enterprises can tackle the unprecedented data challenges to accelerate AI at scale today. Anton Lee, Technical Sales Leader at IBM Systems will join us to share use cases and do a deep dive into how to build data-driven architectures to realize the full potential of data and AI.

The roundtable will be visiting topics such as:

  • How to overcome the data challenges for scaling AI.
  • Strategies for data sharing with self-service access.
  • Practical steps to real-time analytics and BI integration.
  • The importance of robust governance, security, and resilience.

Unleashing the Future of Underwriting (2.0): Harnessing Data, AI, and Modern Technology

  • Transitioning life and health insurers to the Next Generation of Underwriting through cutting-edge digital solutions that grow sales and revolutionise customer experiences and cost efficiency
  • Understanding the full complexity of risks when implementing AI models into underwriting
  • What does it really take? Understanding key capabilities needed for realising concrete business outcomes post AI model deployment

Panel: The Data Bottleneck – Why Digital Projects Often Fail

Data is the foundation for driving business impact through AI and prescriptive analytics that separate organizations from competitors. But is producing and hoarding more and more data necessarily the right approach? This panel will explore how CDOs can:

  • Unlock business value from trusted, timely, complete, and secure data
  • Harmonize data across locations, jurisdictions, and systems
  • Establish proper structure, governance, and integration to accelerate data insights
  • Analyze unstructured data through large language models and AI

Panel: Is Your AI Too Big (or Too Small)?

In the past year, enterprises have been fascinated by large language models and generative AI. With computation, energy consumption, and cost factors as significant considerations, opportunities exist to go smaller or bigger. This panel will explore:

  • Producing AI solutions at lower price points
  • Building smaller, specialized LLMs for cost and energy efficiency
  • Orchestrating multi-modal GenAI for cross-domain applications
  • The pros and cons of proprietary AI and open-source models

Panel: AI on Trial – Can Legislations Tame the Algorithm?

Policymakers across the globe are focusing on AI’s unprecedented growth to safeguard their citizens. While responsibility and ethics have long been on the minds of CDOs, CDAOs and CAIOs, how will establishing AI regulations impact research, development and production? This panel will discuss:

  • AI legislations around the world: Notable policies and similarities
  • Safeguards required for compliance without impeding AI progress
  • Balancing innovation with responsibility in AI development
  • Establishing a responsible and explainable AI culture and structure
  • Preventing AI hallucination and adopting Causal AI



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