DataScience&AITrends Asia Summit

Preparing Data for the Enterprise AI Roadmap


26 July 2023
voco Orchard Singapore

DataScience&AITrends Asia Summit

Data and AI are front and center in optimizing business decisions and driving the next wave of enterprise growth. But they represent an evolution that spans years of investment and efforts, and CDOs are under pressure to deliver early results in exchange for continued support and resources.

Data and AI leaders are on a quest to scale and productionalize data and AI projects efficiently. And they must overcome the roadblocks of trust, speed, silos, culture, and risks. Only through orchestrating responsibly, at speed and securely, will they realize the promised value of data.

The inaugural DataScience&AITrends Asia Summit aims to provide a platform for data, AI, digital, and IT leaders to explore challenges and opportunities for better use of data and AI. The Summit, which will feature a blend of insightful presentations and panel discussions, aims to solve the business problems of data and AI while exploring the latest tech stacks that accelerate the unlocking of data value.

This Summit is for all professionals involved in digital, data, cybersecurity, transformation, and IT, including:
  • Chief Data Officers

  • Chief Analytic Officers

  • Chief Digital Officers

  • Chief Information Officers

  • Chief Technology Officers

  • Chief Transformation Officers

  • Chief Innovation Officers

  • Chief Customer Officers

  • Heads of AI

  • Heads of Data Science and Analytics


Welcome Remarks
Keynote: The Rise of Responsible and Ethical AI

With the prevalence of AI/ML, ethics and fairness are increasingly scrutinized. Data leaders must take responsibility of the decisions that their AI models make. A leading consultant will address the pitfalls of AI and how to ensure that they are responsible and explainable.

Industry Insights: Navigating Innovation with Analytics in a Generative AI World

Generative AI's significant impact has captivated industries, generating excitement and uncertainty among executive leaders in organizations. In this talk, we empower enterprises to harness the transformative potential of Generative AI while ensuring the continued relevance and impact of their analytics efforts. We showcase the revolutionary capabilities of NVIDIA AI technologies and provide strategic guidance for striking the perfect balance between existing analytics and innovative AI solutions. By making informed decisions and embracing the power of Generative AI, organizations can stay ahead in the fast-paced world of AI-driven innovation and maintain a competitive edge.

Panel: Is Your Data Reality Meeting Expectation?

Enterprises are expecting CDOs to unlock data value. With hype and promises, data leaders are under pressure to deliver the holy grail of predictive and prescriptive analytics. Yet many are still building the foundations to access, orchestrate, and govern. This panel will explore:

  • The enterprise's expected ROI horizon on data projects vs the timeline needed to build data foundation
  • The challenges of driving transformation from data sources to manufacture the needed data for advanced analytics and machine learning
  • The acceleration of real-time data for predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • The goal of making data-driven decisions vs the reality of enterprise decision-making

Industry Insights: Scale Analytics and AI Workloads, for All Your Data, Anywhere

The volume of data is exploding. Businesses, while keen on data-centric decision-making, are struggling with the challenges data growth presents. According to IDC, by 2025 stored data will grow by 300%, with data silos rapidly propagating on-prem and across clouds. Data complexity is multiplying further with a variety of data applications and formats, preventing data from being accessed, integrated, and used effectively.

Leaders must rethink data architectures and manage growing storage costs, all while ensuring proper governance to streamline access across all data sources. To become successful, it is imperative to overcome performance- and cost-inefficient data ecosystems and explore optimal deployment options.

Join us in this session where we will explore the latest trends and tips to modernise your data & AI strategy and architecture.

speaker photo
Kitman Cheung
Chief Technology Officer - Data & AI
IBM Asia Pacific
Industry Insights: How Data and AI Powers The Future of CX

Business landscapes and customer behaviours are evolving. To further drive growth and value, enterprises must get ahead of the changes in digital habits, with data-driven experiences and touchpoints. This session will illustrate, from personalization and immersive experiences, to omnichannel and phygital, how your data and AI strategies can elevate the customer experience to generate business value & results.

Panel: The Productionalization of AI

Enterprises are seeing early successes with AI. The next step is to produce robust, reusable AI models, at scale and efficiently. This panel will discuss:

  • Overcoming the complexity of producing and maintaining robust AI models
  • Producing scalable, multiple-objective, and practical AI
  • Orchestrating multiple AI that work together to achieve enterprise goals
  • Streamlining and democratizing AI access

[By Invitation Only] Roundtable: Accelerating AI Adoption with Foundation Models

AI has quickly moved beyond hype and is now actively deployed by businesses, as organizations seek to leverage it to drive efficiency, innovation, and growth.

As enterprises turn to AI to solve their most pressing business issues, they are running up against issues related to trustworthiness and operational management. Foundation models hold the promise of accelerating AI adoption, but they also present their own unique governance challenges.

Join IBM and CDOTrends at this roundtable, where a select group of practitioners and stakeholders will discuss how organizations can effectively leverage the transformative power of AI. We will be visiting topics such as:

  • How AI adoption is shaping up in the region.
  • The role of foundation models to dramatically accelerate AI deployments.
  • Best practices for evaluating AI models.
  • Common challenges around data and governance.


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Industry Insights: Navigating Innovation with Analytics in a Generative AI World


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Industry Insights: How Data and AI Powers The Future of CX

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