DataScience&AITrends Asia Summit

The Roadmap for Data-Centric AI


29 August 2024

DataScience&AITrends Asia Summit

Data and AI are front and center in optimizing business decisions and driving the next wave of enterprise growth. While investment into AI is accelerating in the race to realize new capabilities and use cases, potential risks and regulations are also emerging.

As Data and AI leaders embark on the multi-year journey to realize business outcomes from AI initiatives, they are shifting to more focused and strategic approaches. Having a robust foundation in data and analytics, adequate infrastructure, and efficient governance are keys to progressing from experimentation to achieving meaningful ROI.

The second annual DataScience&AITrends Asia Summit aims to provide a platform for data, AI, digital, and IT leaders to explore challenges and opportunities to implement data-centric AI. The Summit, which will feature a blend of insightful presentations and panel discussions, aims to solve the business problems of data and AI while exploring the latest tech stacks that accelerate the unlocking of data value.

This Summit is for all professionals involved in digital, data, cybersecurity, transformation, and IT, including:
  • Chief Data Officers

  • Chief Analytic Officers

  • Chief AI Officers

  • Chief Digital Officers

  • Chief Information Officers

  • Chief Technology Officers

  • Chief Transformation Officers

  • Chief Innovation Officers

  • Chief Customer Officers

  • Heads of AI

  • Heads of Data Science and Analytics


Welcome Remarks
Keynote: Accelerating AI – From Experimentation to ROI

The democratization of Generative AI has ignited a fervor around AI in enterprises. Yet to progress from experimentation to durable usage with widespread business impacts necessitates overcoming of challenges and demystifying against risks. A leading consultant will address the potentials and pitfalls of AI and how to accelerate their adoptions to drive real business growth.

Industry Insights: How Embedded AI Drives Advanced Analytics At Speed

Business landscape and customer behavior are evolving. To pivot seamlessly and make progress faster, you need to understand what your data indicates now. For out how you can drive better decisions that boost performance, productivity, and trust, at the speed that you need with AI-embedded analytics.

Panel: Can GenAI Adoption be Localized?

Generative AI has been in the spotlight. Behind its vast potential, it has been plagued with security, privacy, and accuracy concerns. This panel will explore:

  • Early enterprise use cases of GenAI: the low hanging fruits
  • Ensuring trust and reliability of GenAI
  • Localizing GenAI with proprietary first-party data
  • CAIO role change: considerations for AI solutions as AI developers vs AI users of open source and SaaS solutions

Industry Insights: Rethinking Infrastructure Needs in a Generative AI World

Facilitating the next generation of AI requires massive computing power and cost-effective data storage. Stringent data privacy requirements also increase the needs of Edge AI. This session will explore the needs to rethink the IT infrastructure behind the data, to help CDOs unlock the potential of AI.

Service Model Data Strategy for AI

Delivering effective AI initiatives for any organisation start with data strategy. In this talk, Sachin will share the service model approach of designing and implementing impactful data strategy for advance analytics and AI use cases. He will also share real life use cases and metrics to measure success of data strategy and AI programs.

Panel: The Data-Centric Drive of AI

To produce robust, reusable AI systems, at scale and efficiently, enterprises are shifting from a model- and code-centric approach to being data-centric. This panel will discuss:

  • Synthetizing data to trained machine learning models effectively
  • Solving data accessibility, volume, and quality challenges
  • Overcoming the complexity of producing and maintaining robust AIs
  • Producing scalable, multi-objective, and practical AI
  • Realigning IT infrastructure to enable data-centric AI



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