Digital CMO Hong Kong Summit

22 March 2023
The Mira Hong Kong

Digital CMO Hong Kong Summit

The Recipe for Result-Driven Marketing

As HK reemerges from the pandemic and reconnects with the world, customers are more dynamic than ever before. With physical and digital reintegrating, being customer-centric is crucial for the top line of your organizations.

To build the necessary experiences for engagement, conversion, and retention, marketers must pivot for real-time marketing and personalization. The ability to orchestrate complex customer journeys across channels and touchpoints directly impacts customers and company results.

The 2nd annual Digital CMO Hong Kong Summit, organized by CDOTrends, serves as a collaborative platform for CMOs, Heads of Customer Experience, Heads of eCommerce and Heads of CRM and Digital Marketing to explore the full potential that the latest tech stacks bring to experience-centric marketers in a customer-obsessed world.

This Summit is for all professionals involved in marketing, e-Commerce, CX, digital, and business strategies, including:

  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Chief Customer Officers
  • Chief Experience Officers
  • Heads of Marketing
  • Heads of Brand
  • Heads of eCommerce
  • Heads of Customer Experiences
  • Heads of Digital


Welcome Remarks
Keynote: The Art of Agile Marketing

With macroeconomic conditions fluctuating and consumers' preferences evolving continuously, marketers are expected to pivot as needed in 2023 to bring the results their enterprises desire. To do so quickly and efficiently requires insightful knowledge, contingency planning, and adequate resources. A leading consultant will present his perspectives on the trends and disruptions that marketers should be ready for this year and address ways to stand out from the crowded competitive landscape.

Panel: Crafting the Experiential Customer Journeys of Digital and Physical

Customer journeys are no longer linear. With customers bouncing from one channel to another leading up to conversion, marketers are challenged to ensure seamless and consistent experiences across all touch points, digital and physical alike. This panel will discuss:

  • Orchestrating online and offline customer journeys seamlessly
  • Designing intuitive and engaging touch points for conversion
  • Customizing person-to-person interactions with data insights
  • Building communities with two-way engagements
  • Leveraging augmented and virtual reality for enhanced experiences

Industry Insights: 2023 Social Media Trends

In this session, Meltwater will be highlighting the key social media trends to look out for in 2023. With Hong Kong recently opening up, there are several opportunities to use social media to connect with audiences and create customer delight. Which channels are consumers spending the most time on? And how does that differ per country? With social media companies experiencing so much change recently, where should we spend our time and investment?

Industry Insights: Surpassing Customer Expectations with Unparalleled CX

Consumers and business buyers expect brilliant experiences from every brand. That’s easier said than done for marketers. The session explores how businesses can lay a deliberate path with personalisation features by leveraging real-time data, AI and automation in order to create expectational customer experiences that boosts conversions and drive long-lasting customer loyalty.

Panel: The Shifting Paradigm of First Party Engagement

Enterprises are increasingly focusing on direct customer engagement. On a strategic level, direct-to-consumer is a priority for eCommerce. On a data level, the impending discontinuation of third-party cookies heralds the need of first-party data collection. This panel will explore:

  • How to prepare for the cookieless future?
  • What are the ways to reach, target, and measure in a cookieless world?
  • How to scale first-party data while maintaining customer confidence and privacy?
  • What are the ideal direct-to-consumer strategies?
  • How to justify direct-to-consumer efforts, especially from a sales angle?

[By Invitation Only] Composable Future Hong Kong Luncheon

Make no mistake, the Composable Future is here. No matter if your end customer is a business, consumer or citizen – they all expect one thing from you – exceptional digital experiences at any moment. They are informed, empowered and willing to give their custom and loyalty to businesses who understand them, who builds trust and engages with them with relevancy and purpose.

Organized by Sitecore Hong Kong, this in-person exclusive, invite-only experience will explore their modern, SaaS-based, composable digital experience suite across content, engagement, and commerce. Be inspired by real-world visionaries, industry rule-breakers and thought-mavericks as Sitecore examine the now and future of world-class digital experiences in Hong Kong together with their partners Global Technology Integrator, Microsoft and TransPerfect.

For details, please refer to the Composable Future Hong Kong Luncheon website.

Panel: Shortening the Road from Data to Actions

Marketers are leveraging data to boost trendspotting, personalization, relevancy, and conversion. Yet most are challenged in deriving insights efficiently due to data quality, depth, accessibility, and skills. This panel will discuss:

  • Moving quickly from data gathering to actionable insights
  • Resolving data debt through modernizing infrastructure
  • Using deeper data for targeted sales, discounts, and promotions
  • Leveraging behavioral data for personalized, hyper-relevant shopping experiences
  • Attaining data-savviness in marketing teams

Presentation: The Psychology of Standout Content

Consumers are bombarded with content that they have learnt to tune out. To stand out in this proliferation of content, marketers must generate messages that truly resonate with their audience and connect with them on a deeper level. Authenticity, localization, and championing responsible consumerism and social awareness are some ways to differentiate and this speaker will illustrate how.

Panel: Can We Generate an ROI with Metaverse and NFT?

Metaverse and NFT are amongst the latest trends that marketers are exploring. While some believe that they present boundless opportunities to engage Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha in the virtual worlds where they socialize, others struggle to convert the hype into tangible results. This panel will explore:

  • Buzz or results: What metaverse means for marketers
  • Early metaverse and NFT use cases: Results, and learnings
  • Driving traffic in metaverse: Strategies to scale and engage
  • From online to offline: Converting metaverse engagement into real-life customers
  • Direct-to-Avatar: How viable is it as a business model?



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Keynote: The Art of Agile Marketing


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Industry Insights: 2023 Social Media Trends

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