NextGen Connectivity Forum

Powering the Next Generation of Digital Possibilities and Outcomes


24 March 2021 10:30am SGT/HKT

The abundance of data, the advancement of analytical models, and revolutionary computing capacity have converged to present enterprises with the opportunities to unlock various possibilities and enhance outcomes. To realise the maximum potential of data, digital leaders need the right digital infrastructure and business cases.

Covering data ecosystems, agility, speed, security, and more, the NextGen Connectivity Forum brought to you by CDOTrends in collaboration with Equinix will provide you with the winning formula. Starting with laying the future-proof foundation of Digital Infrastructure, this online event will help you craft a data-driven digital ecosystem that generates direct ROI.

This Summit is for all professionals involved in digital, data science, transformation, IT and technology, including:

-  Chief Digital Officers

-  Chief Data Officers

-  Chief Transformation Officers

-  Chief Digital Technology Officers

-  Chief Information Officers

-  Chief Technology Officers

-  Chief Data Scientists

-  Chief Analytics Officers

-  Chief Innovation Officers

-  Heads of IT Infrastructure


28 June
Day 2
10:35 AM
Crafting a Data-First Multicloud Strategy that is Agile and Scalable in a Secured and Compliant Framework

As companies access vast amounts of data from an increasing number of sources, integrating and harmonizing data manually is increasingly challenging. This panel will discuss:

·      What does owning your data mean in a Multicloud world?

·      How & where to store your data securely – Data Ecosystems (Sources & Transit Routes, Transactions &

·      Exchanges, Insights & Analytics, Storage & Archival)

·      How best to leverage and collaborate with Public Clouds in a secured, simple and swift way

·      How to future-proof your data strategy for tomorrow’s Data-Driven Digital Ecosystem

11:35 AM
Understanding the AI/ML, ROI Models, GPU On-Prem or in Cloud Options

The increasing popularity of deep learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) today stems from the availability of a massive amount of data for training, advances in ML algorithms and research, and dramatic increases in computer processing capabilities. It is no longer about if, but when and how each enterprise starts adopting AI/ML. Aiming to help uncover customer insights, drive new revenue streams and unlock the value deeply buried within their data warehouses, this panel will explore:

·      What are some of the use cases for AI & ML?

·      How important are speed and accuracy for industry verticals like CVST, Healthcare, Manufacturing,

·      Mining, Security, and more?

·      Why more and more enterprises are moving their GPU workloads on-prem?

·      How do I get started? What skills and capabilities do I need?

12:25 PM

Closing Remarks and End of Conference

Registration & Refreshments
Welcome Address

Opening Remarks by Chairperson
Opening Keynote Embracing New HR Models in the Digital Economy

Short-term contracts, part-time staff, freelance workers are all a reality; “job security” is a thing of the past. Companies hire and fire frequently; equally, talented staff give their all to a company for a couple of years (or less) and move on.  Online portals and a change in approach to work have thrown open the gates to the digital economy. Yet, HR is often slow to adjust and unwilling to rethink the very definition of what a “job” is, sometimes turning away talented staff in the process. This keynote will look at how HR can adapt to this new world of work, which is more global, more fragmented, and less 9-to-6 than ever before.

IImpact Keynote Onboarding the Digital Team – What it takes to make Digital Work in your Organization

You’ve spent months interviewing, consulting, hiring and building the digital team.  But many in the organization still don’t trust, respect or want the change necessary to integrate digital into the business for future growth.  This case study from a leading enterprise looks at five steps their company took to get the whole team on board and improve results.  

Case Study Skills Can Be Learned, But Talent Is Innate

Job functions rapidly change in Singapore’s hyper-competitive and mature economy. As new technologies come into play and old jobs become automated, how does HR ensure that the workforce is optimally trained and equipped to perform their roles and maintain the company’s competitiveness? Also, how do you recruit raw talent without focusing on experience or skillsets as job roles and responsibilities change? This session will use a case study to answer these challenging questions.

Expert Insights Workforce Engagement: Delivering Quality Experiences to Top Talent

Millennials want an entirely different work environment. They are looking for consumer-like experiences in the workplace, need to collaborate closely with their colleagues, and prefer a digital workplace that doesn’t get in the way of actual work. But how can your HR deliver on these needs. This session will examine some of the ways in which processes can be simplified, new technologies introduced, and digital workflows tightened to take the trouble out of work.

Expert Insights A Bird’s Eye View of Human Resources: The Role of Big Data and Analytics in HR

HR often dreams of having a dashboard of the status of the entire workforce - a snapshot that extracts and conveys all the intelligence about the conditions in the work environment. In this session, you will hear how big data can help to provide greater insights into the workforce. It will also show how HR can quickly respond to workforce-related questions from upper management without having to manually dig through mountains of forms and reports.

Executive Panel Meet Your Robot Colleague

Integrating your digital or automated workforce with the human workforce is not a distant dream (or nightmare) - it’s on the horizon and in some cases it is here already. This panel will look at how companies are now managing human and bot workforces within their teams and HR’s role in making sure that they work well together.



ECase Study HR’s Role in Building a Brand and Company Culture

Talent is a huge part of digital transformation initiatives in enterprises. As a result, many HR functions are becoming more tightly integrated with lines of business (LOBs) and the HR department is taking on a more strategic role within the organisation. This case study session will look at the following questions: 

How does HR help in the digital transformation process and work closely with the C-suite in effecting large-scale changes within organisations? 

How does HR help in crafting the intangible (but very valuable) company culture that impact a brand and revenue in the long term?

Expert Insights Unlocking the Potential in Human Capital

There are many hidden talents in a workforce, and sometimes the best way of drawing them out is to enable the workforce to perform at its best and take the pain out of processes. True innovation is only possible when HR, technology and employees are all aligned with a company’s vision of the future of work. This session will address how HR can directly contribute to business success and how a seamless working environment can enable human capital to unlock dormant ideas.

Executive Panel Technology Disruptions in the HR Landscape

A decade ago, there were few internal collaboration tools within companies. Today, it’s impossible to conceive of a competitive enterprise without some sort of messaging or project management tool in place. In a few years, AI, blockchain and predictive analytics may determine your succession plans and promotions. All these innovations are disrupting the HR function in the time to come. Is HR ready? This panel sessions will examine the trends, disruptive technologies and innovations that matter.



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