CDOTrends is Asia’s only content portal dedicated to the needs of the Chief Digital Officer. It shares the latest news, highlights best practices, examines emerging trends and provides an invaluable resource for CDOs and other Business Leaders engaged with a company’s digital & data strategy. It is also structured to evolve with CDOs, as their own job scopes and responsibilities expand in the digital era.

CDOTrends delivers insight and analysis on key topics related to an enterprise’s future by focusing on six core areas including Digital Strategy, AI & Machine Learning, Customer Experience Management, Digital Privacy, Analytics and our peer inspired leadership insights and case studies on CDOUniversity.

CDOTrends is also pragmatic. We recognize that the CDO title might vary slightly or is an additional responsibility of another executive like a CIO, COO, CMO or other senior title, but the job focus remains the same: define a firm’s digital strategy, execute it across the organization and build a digitally and data optimized enterprise. Our portal, newsletter and related events are designed to empower CDOs and those tasked with digital responsibilities, stay updated on the latest strategies, innovative technologies and best practices, provide a one-stop shop for related news, whitepapers, research and case studies and expand career horizons by offering leadership insights from CDO peers.

For marketers, CDOTrends is the most direct way to engage with CDOs and those empowered with the digital vision and strategy for their enterprise in Asia. The combination of our website, e-newsletter, research, conferences and customized events creates an engaged community of these hard to reach and identify executives.


For feedback on upcoming stories, opinions, or additional details on any of our content, please contact: 

Winston Thomas, Editor-in-Chief [email protected] 

Lachlan Colquhon, ANZ Correspondent[email protected] 

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Jonathan Bigelow

Jonathan Bigelow


Jonathan has spent over 25 years in the media and events space with various management positions and start-ups including nearly 10 years at Global Sources and most recently as Managing Director of Questex Asia. At Questex, he guided the launch of over 10 new digital media products including EnterpriseInnovation, CFOInnovation, CMOInnovation, NetworkWorldAsia, FintechInnovation and other products. He also launched the Events division at Questex where he oversaw over 140 events across 13 Asian countries in a normal calendar year. Jonathan and his experienced team are uniquely positioned to bring his client-based approach of Concept-based marketing solutions to marketers eager to interact with Asia’s growing community of Chief Digital Officers and other Digital practitioners.

Winston Thomas

Winston Thomas


Winston brings over 20 years of journalistic experience to As the previous editor at Computerworld Hong Kong, CIO Asia and PCWeek Asia, he followed, edited and wrote how the Internet and the rise of the digital economy impacted businesses across various industries. Most recently, Winston served as N. Asia editor of CMOInnovation. As the Editor-in-Chief of, he is bringing together intriguing articles, insights from leading thinkers, in-depth lessons from practitioners, and various thought leadership materials to develop a new resource for CDOs and other digital practitioners. Fascinated by new technology trends, he is constantly looking at how digital is reshaping our future lives.

Shubha Ukil

Shubha Ukil

Director of Customer Solutions

I am passionate about customer value and experiences and in helping, companies of all sizes grow sustainably! I believe in authentic relationships, the power of positivity, and working with high-performance teams that deliver powerful solutions. I have experience in leading people that are driven by a mission of delivering exceptional results that make a difference in the lives of our clients and have a positive impact on our society.
In my current role, I support businesses to help scale their digital & data strategies across Asia that in turn delivers value - fast, reliably & often. This helps to drive growth, human connections, partnerships and access to FAST expanding Asian markets in a sustainable way.

Lachlan Colquhoun

Lachlan Colquhoun

ANZ Correspondent

Lachlan Colquhoun is one of the Asia Pacific's most experienced journalists, with a career spanning four decades working for some of the world's best known titles. He has been managing editor of Telecom Asia, a contributing editor to CFO Innovation and Enterprise Innovation, in addition to his work as a correspondent and feature writer for the Financial Times, the London Evening Standard, the South China Morning Post and Asia Times.