2nd Chief Digital Officer Asia Summit

Creating the Culture for Digital Success


25 APRIL 2019
Marina Mandarin

2nd Chief Digital Officer Summit

Businesses are experiencing a digital culture shock. While some forward-looking companies are fully digitally enabled, many are still deep into the digital transformation journeys and a few others are still exploring the best way forward. Regardless of where you are in digital enablement, your business culture has to embrace the significant changes that digital brings.  These include examining e-commerce strategies, onboarding digital teams and initiatives into evolving corporate cultures, mobile and customer experience management, and deploying cutting-edge systems that tap into AI and machine learning.

What does this mean to the traditional enterprise, that has existed for decades or even centuries before the digital era came into being? Are they expected to completely disrupt their business to compete in the startup revolution, or can they slowly phase in new digital-first business models? And ultimately, who takes charge of this transformation: the Board, the CEO, or a specialised CDO?

The 2nd Chief Digital Officer Asia Summit brings together international and local Chief Digital Officers and digital leaders from all sectors to share insights and experiences to address these questions. You will also hear from regulatory, governance, and analytics experts on how to ensure that your transformation runs smoothly in an increasingly complex world.

Digital leaders in attendance will have access to exclusive content that focuses on improving your capabilities, honing your skills, and gaining the right expertise. The knowledge shared will help you to effectively navigate and lead in today’s highly-competitive and rapidly-transforming digital ecosystem.

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Why Chief Digital Officer Asia Summit is Different

  1. Learn about what “digital” means for the traditional enterprise that has existed for decades or event centuries before the digital era
  2. Listen to how peers in the industry are phasing out legacy infrastructure and learning from the startup revolution
  3. Understand how the CDO can work together with the C-suite to propel the company into a new gear
  4. Know how to run an end-to-end digital transformation process and what to keep in mind
  5. Gain valuable insights on mastering customer interactions and advocacy in an increasingly fast-paced, complex, interconnected world


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Opening Remarks by Chairperson


Opening Keynote : With Great (Digital) Power Comes Great (Business) Responsibility

The C-suite has evolved into its present form for a reason. The CEO and the CFO roles have existed for centuries; the CIO and CTO were added only decades ago. But the CDO’s addition is recent, because in the 21st century, businesses feel the need to run in real time, paperlessly, and without geographic borders. The CDO thus needs to take on many responsibilities that have traditionally belonged to other roles, while sculpting out a transformational office in a crowded C Suite. This keynote session will address the role of the CDO, and how transforming digital resources into business impact with the help of everyone else in the C Suite is the essence of getting a business future-ready.

speaker photo
Sachin Chitturu
Impact Keynote : The Ever-Evolving Remit of the Chief Digital Officer

Chief Digital Officers must be agile and forward-thinking. But it is the job of a CDO to now assure revenue and grow the business. Or is he or she there mainly to get Analytics, Customer Experience and the Digital Road Map right? We will hear from this leading Global CDO on what to expect Now and in the Future for CDOs.

speaker photo
Richa Goswami
Chief Digital Officer, APAC
Johnson & Johnson


Fireside Chat with CEOs : Creating New Business Models in a Connected World

Revenue models have changed from heavy CAPEX investments to microtransactions and OPEX focused, minimising risk. A fundamental pillar of these new models is digitisation — IT needs to support new models of delivery, customer support, and product iteration. How does a CEO support some of the fundamental business-model changes sweeping across enterprises at the moment? When the business itself is transforming, how does digital transformation keep pace?

Expert Insights: CDO: Chief Digital, Dynamism, or Dashboard Officer?

Digital is a broad topic, but one crucial aspect of it that is often overlooked is that a company is never static, and the more digital it becomes, the more moving parts it contains. A CDO could be asked to integrate all the data and systems in an enterprise and provide a “snapshot” of it at any given moment - is this achievable, and what can be done to make it happen?


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Kevin McIsaac
Business Value Consultant
Expert Insights : Becoming Digital-ready with Hybrid and Multiclouds

Digital demands are reshaping IT infrastructures. Rapid evolution of business needs, soaring data volumes and mobility rely on a hybrid and multicloud enabled platform for innovation, efficiency and scale. Building such a platform, however, is not trivial. It requires distributed IT exchange points (Digital Edge Nodes) that enable private, secure, low-latency communication among multiple clouds, and SaaS services that use vendor-neutral networks and offer cloud flexibility across different geographies. This session will use best practices and insights from real-world implementations using an Interconnection Oriented Architecture to show how you can build multicloud business platforms and unlock digital value.

speaker photo
Tejaswini Tilak
Senior Director, Vertical Marketing
Equinix APAC
C-Suite Talk: The Customer is Always Right… Right?

Employees have become nearly as demanding as customers, with the retention and hiring of top talent a priority for many companies. The belief is that the smartest brains produce the best products, and customers “don't know what they want until you show it to them.” (as Steve Jobs once said).

On the other hand, there’s the customer-centric model, which dictates that the customer comes first, and optimising customer experience is far more important than striving for that perfect product that may be all-powerful, but difficult or impractical to use.

Which does the enterprise prioritise, hiring top talent and trusting it to do the best job, or constantly listening to the customers and putting them at the center of all strategy?



Executive Panel - Death by Data: How to Solve the Big Data Problem

Line-of-Business often doesn’t care how IT gets its job done — but they have come to appreciate the vast and exponentially increasing data that in-house technologists have to deal with. How can LoB and IT work together to grapple with the vast amounts of data an enterprise can potentially use, and how does a CDO become a bridge between the two?

Fireside Chat : Reinventing Business with Data

While big corporations are grappling to gain insights from their growing cache of data for better service experience, a new class of corporate disrupters have entered the market. They lease data to grow market share faster and gain deeper customer insights. CXA Group is that kind of a company. In this dialog with the company’s Founder and CEO, Rosaline Chow Koo, we’ll hear how CXA is leveraging data throughout the enterprise to direct growth, refine operations, target key accounts, customize service to clients and hone their AI value proposition.

Executive Panel - Technology and Culture: Building the Right Digital Tribe

Leadership roles are changing in the C-suite; agility and changes in culture and mindset have become just as important as technological know-how. The CDO is responsible for triggering and overseeing massive internal transformation, from operations, delivery, business models to automation and technological shifts. What are some of the challenges on the horizon for the CDO role, and how does a CDO ensure that a company’s culture and process keep up with its technological evolution?


2019 Strategic Advisory Board

The Chief Digital Officer Asia Summit Advisory Board is designed to assist in driving an impartial, yet informed dialogue on effectively navigating and leading in today’s highly-competitive and rapidly-transforming digital ecosystem.

The Advisory Board members extends its influence by providing guidance into the overall framework of the Summit, including the layout and programme development. They also share their expertise on the latest trends, topics as well as which experts to look out for, both locally and internationally.


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Expert Insights: CDO: Chief Digital, Dynamism, or Dashboard Officer?


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Expert Insights : Becoming Digital-ready with Hybrid and Multiclouds

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