Event Introduction

Gartner cites hyperautomation as a top strategic technology trend for 2021, defining it as: “the idea that anything that can be automated in an organization should be automated. Hyperautomation is driven by organizations having legacy business processes that are not streamlined, creating immensely expensive and extensive issues for organizations.” It is also important to note that the role that the pandemic has played in the adoption and acceleration of hyperautomation within the market, fueling the prioritization of digital transformation and automation initiatives over the last year.

While most of the organizations have already embarked on their automation journey with RPA/BPM, they are still struggling with the end-to-end throughput as the various tools don’t talk to each other. There is also a significant portion of the processes (around 85%) which can still be automated, and with the help of Process Mining, Process Modeling, Insights, can help create integrated/intelligent workflows.

Join us for the Face-to-Face Round table in Capella Sentosa on 23rd November, an event exclusively designed for audience like yourself. We’ll have IBM and external speakers have an interactive session with participants via Design Thinking sessions, live demos and presentations.

Health and Safety Regulations
Your health and safety is important to us. Please note that all guests should be fully vaccinated and have received your last dose at least 14 full days prior to the event day. 

Seated Breakfast @ 8:15AM
Please register early before the seated breakfast so you have sufficient time to enjoy your food. Due to COVID restrictions, food has to be cleared prior to the start of the event.


8:00 AM
8:15 AM
Seated Breakfast
9:00 AM
Welcome & Housekeeping
9:05 AM
Keynote: Digital Transformation and connecting to Business Automation
9:25 AM
Fireside Chat
9:45 AM
Coffee Break
10:00 AM
Design Thinking Session
10:30 AM
Automation beyond RPA – Scaling Automation Initiatives across the Enterprise
10:50 AM
Pre-sales garage for demos – how they have done the MVPs
11:20 AM

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