SAS Academy for Data Science Is Now Open for E-learning

One of the most significant problems about technology's relentless pace in advancements is the dearth of talent. In short, finding the right talent who can help firms to explore and exploit new improvements are in short supply.

Nowhere else is this more evident than in data science. SAS understand this talent gap well, and its attempt to bridge it with a new institution is a step in the right direction.

Called SAS Academy for Data Science, the e-learning program is now open for online enrollments. Anyone who is interested in data analytics can apply. More importantly, successful students will gain professional credentials that SAS claims the industry will recognize globally.

The program's curriculum is designed to equip students with analytical skills that are in high demand across all industry. Respected and internationally-recognized credentials will help data science professionals to join and learn from different industries and in various parts of the world.

“Machine learning is one of the hottest fields of study in the digital age with its significant advances in technology including big data and analytics, robotics and the Internet of Things. Thus, Data Science is becoming one of the hottest careers in IT,” Wilson Ho, General Manager, SAS Hong Kong said in a press release.

SAS is no stranger to offering courses. “We have been providing professional training programs like visualization and statistical analysis to our clients in meeting with their job needs,” he added.

However, SAS Academy for Data Science has a self-paced e-learning plan that allows students to learn flexibly and conveniently. The e-learning mode was chosen to minimize travel time. Also, students have access to learning materials and software 24x7, seven days a week—so they can learn at their own pace.

SAS is not stopping there. The data analytics firm is looking to drive data science education at Hong Kong’s institutes. “SAS is also committed to supporting Hong Kong’s education institutes to broaden the applicability of analytics and data science in response to community needs. We have been working with local universities to offer joint certification programs for statistics and business analysis students, and including SAS analytical tools in the curriculum.” Ho added.

The move is already gaining support from the education industry. “Many successful business leaders are leveraging on data analytics to gain a competitive edge. This is the reason why data science is growing quickly in the technology industry,” said Dr. Iris Yeung, Associate Professor, Department of Management Sciences, City University of Hong Kong. “We are pleased that we share a common vision of education with SAS, and we believe that the deployment of SAS analytics tools in our programs will help our students stay competitive in the job market.”