Genesys PureCloud Integrates Amazon Lex to Recognize Natural Languages

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is getting smarter.

The latest announcement comes from contact center giant Genesys who is integrating their cloud-based Genesys PureCloud with Amazon Lex. The integration adds AI capabilities that will help contact centers to maintain interactive voice response (IVR) flows. The solution aims to improve customer experience through the use of natural language.

"We are excited to see our collaboration with Genesys extend even deeper by combining its best-in-class cloud customer engagement solution with the AI-powered, natural language understanding capabilities of Amazon Lex," Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President of Amazon AI, Amazon Web Services, Inc said in a press release.

"Through PureCloud, Genesys is allowing companies of any size to adopt AI via Amazon Lex as a tool for enhancing the customer experiences they can create," he added.

The Amazon Lex integration allows PureCloud customers not just to understand what customers are saying. It will enable them also to know their intent. It will allow a more in-depth interaction with callers and allows the customers to direct them to the right resources immediately. Genesys claims this will improve the first-call resolution by contact center agents.

Firms will be able to consolidate multiple interactions into a single IVR flow. It can also be applied to different self-service channels, allowing them to reduce call flow numbers and simplify contact center administration.

"We are deepening our collaboration with AWS once again through the new PureCloud integration with Amazon Lex. It provides businesses another way to improve customer satisfaction by enhancing IVR routing, shortening call-time, and making management easier," Olivier Jouve, Executive Vice President at Genesys PureCloud said in the press release.

The integrated solution will be available in 2018.