A.S. Watson Embraces Digital with UST Global

A.S. Watson is going digital, and it has selected UST Global to be one of its technology partners.

As part of its digital transformation strategy, the world’s largest health and beauty retailer is looking to build on their strong retail strengths to become a smarter organization. And it is looking to AI, machine learning and automation to achieve this goal.

Since digital transformation is a journey, rather than a means to an end, A.S. Watson launched the Partnership Programme. The aim is to link long-term relationships with key service providers as the retailer navigates its journey.

“We believe every technology partner whom we have chosen to work with is more than just a vendor. The traditional client-vendor relationship is short-term, lack of transparency and continuity. The Partnership Programme is designed to transform the short-term contractual relationship to a longer-term strategic relationship to create a win-win for both parties,” Malina Ngai, Group Chief Operating Officer of A.S. Watson said.

A.S. Watson acknowledged that digital transformation would help them to improve customer experience and build loyalty. "Our purpose of putting customer first and putting a smile on their faces continues. We recognize that our customers are changing rapidly and technology has become an ever more critical ingredient to deliver our purpose," Ngai added.

For UST Global, the partnership will cement its position in the Asia Pacific region as a leading digital transformation player. It will use its expertise in AI, machine learning and automation to streamline A.S. Watson operations for efficiency.

"Working with A.S. Watson will truly reinforce our position in the APAC region and Hong Kong as a geo. We are determined to solve business problems of our customers and look forward to transforming A.S. Watson's business to the next level with innovations around AI, Machine Learning, and Automation," Gilroy Mathew, Head – APAC at UST Global said.

AS Watson UST Global Partnership
Gilroy Mathew, Head - APAC, UST Global; Malina Ngai, Group Chief Operating Officer of A.S. Watson; Alexander Varghese, Chief Administrative Officer, UST Global; and Pablo Tachil, Director – Digital, UST Global – receiving the A.S. Watson Group Appointment Certificate.