COURTS Re-imagines Omni-Channel for Singapore

Buying electronics and furniture at COURTS is going to be a lot more fun and seamless. It is the Singapore-based retailer's goal as it launches a new website and a new Megastore.

The announcement is the result of the ongoing partnership between COURTS Singapore and e-commerce agency SmartOSC. Based on "more than a year" of research, the new website and physical store are designed for omnichannel consumers journeys. Together, they allow consumers to simplify their shopping experience by using the various touchpoints seamlessly, whether online, at the physical store or on their mobile.

The new e-commerce website, COURTS Online, has over 17,000 SKUs, making it their largest store across COURTS' regional network. SmartOSC established a new "mobile first and user-centric experience" with features that link with their digital and physical stores. Consumers can easily research and purchase online to later pick up in-store or ship-from-store, all while accessing their accounts. The consumer information across all touchpoints is also shared with the customer service and retail associate teams for meeting "customers' end-to-end needs."

The entire e-commerce system uses Magento Enterprise 2 and supports omnichannel retailing, marketing automation and content management. The re-designed website also offers a single real-time view of inventory and customer profiles, "activated through integrations with ERP and retail management systems." It allows consumers to see what is available immediately.

“The COURTS Online relaunch was timed strategically around key retail events of the year such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Powered by the new platform, online sales for both events grew almost 100% year-on-year. Engaging with the right partners has proved to be pivotal to our e-commerce growth this year,” Stan Kim, Chief Strategy Officer at COURTS Asia said in a press release.

According to Kim, COURTS will continue to strengthen its back-end infrastructure to offer customers the seamless online-to-offline (O2O) experience. “We will continue to drive online growth, and our ambition is to grow online sales to comprise 10-15% of the business in five years' time,” he added.

The new COURTS Megastore in Tampines, Singapore features new in-store experiences for consumers. It has dedicated experiential retail spaces that designed to be more immersive, focusing on memorable and informative experiences.