MediaTek Accelerates Edge AI Development With ONNX Membership

Taiwan-based MediaTek is bringing deep learning to semiconductors.

The fabless semiconductor manufacturer is looking to take edge AI development to the next level by joining the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX). The exchange, created and launched by Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft, will allow the fabless semiconductor innovator access to deep learning innovations and research.

ONNX was set up to establish an interoperability standard between different deep learning frameworks championed by Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft. It is an open eco-system for AI developers to mix and match tools and frameworks.

By joining ONNX, MediaTek is looking to expand its involvement in the Android Neural Network (ANN). The firm sees ANN as a strategic investment for integrating AI into its technology portfolio.

"A key to developing AI applications and capabilities lies within an open ecosystem where shared research and interoperability are the true enablers of innovation," Jerry Yu, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Home Entertainment Business Group, MediaTek said in a press release. 

MediaTek also unveiled its new NeuroPilot AI platform. It includes an SDK and an AI processing unit to support mobile and smart home device development.

"In an effort to evolve our own AI platform and to ensure that interoperability and choice are preserved when developing with MediaTek NeuroPilot, it made sense to widen our support for open AI frameworks by joining the Open Neural Network Exchange," Yu said.

The MediaTek NeuroPilot AI platform currently supports mainstream AI frameworks and works with existing neural processing SDKs including Google TensorFlow, Caffe, Amazon MXNet, Sony NNabla, and more. MediaTek supports for both Android and Linux OSes.