HKT Transforms Video into Intelligence with Iris

Video surveillance is everywhere. Many tolerate these systems as they acknowledge their importance in monitoring secure areas, discovering intruders and, in countries like China, managing citizen services and movements.

Industries like financial services, healthcare, and retail are strong proponents of video surveillance. The systems help firms to manage access and mitigate threats.

The problem is that many of these systems are standalone. Firms seldom have access to the wealth of information that these unstructured videos store.

HKT's in-house developed Iris is looking to change this. It centrally manages multiple surveillance cameras at various locations using the cloud as the data repository. But what makes it different from other cloud-based video surveillance tools is that it also allows big data analytics.

The combination of analytics and central management allows firms to do more than conduct surveillance. It can help to alert them based on predefined criteria, identify trends in real time, and turn unstructured video into structured data for further analytics.

For example, Iris can identify cracked glass panes or missing objects when panning key areas. Subsequently, it can alert staff to take quick actions to investigate the situation.

In retail, Iris analyzes customer demographics, how long an individual stayed in a shop or alert the staff if a VIP walked into the shop. Firms can use the data to improve their customer engagement and optimize sales strategies.

In schools, Iris can help identify parents and approved personnel within the school premises. If there are any intrusions, it can alert the staff who can quickly verify identities.

The same system can be used in car parks to weed out illegal parking or unauthorized parking. In business environments, Iris can bolster security in high-level meetings by ensuring the right people are in the room, and no one is eavesdropping.

Iris is an open platform. It integrates with other data systems using Open API. Firms can also use the API to share vital video information to other business analytics tools. 

Explaining Iris’ key features at the launch.