Bosch, Singapore Polytechnic Fuel Connect Tech Research

Singapore’s aspirations for Advanced Manufacturing and Smart City hub got a new boost from appliance manufacturer Bosch.

The company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Singapore Polytechnic (SP) to join the latter’s Advanced Manufacturing Partners Network while investing SGD 800,000 into building the first SP-Bosch Smart Connected Solutions Lab and SP-Bosch Rexroth i4.0 Innovation lab at SP’s campus.

The labs put Bosch’s advanced technologies for practical research in the hands of around 800 Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Diploma in Computer Engineering students.

“As we lend our expertise to budding talent, we hope that it will enable them to shape the future with new innovations that are truly ‘Invented for Life’ and in turn, accelerate Singapore’s digital journey towards a Smart Nation,” Martin Hayes, President, Bosch Southeast Asia said in a press release.

The labs' advanced technologies include a scaled-down version of a Smart Factory system for experimenting with advanced manufacturing technologies in real time while measuring the results and impacts quickly.

Students can also study how to finetune energy consumption--a big concern for smart manufacturers and smart cities--using Bosch’s Phantom Energy Monitoring System that tracks device energy consumption using the company’s proprietary sensors and data analytics platform.

Bosch and SP will further launch industry initiatives to spur interest in Advanced Manufacturing and Smart Cities. These include developing short courses or advanced diplomas for industry professionals to upgrade their knowledge of advanced manufacturing technologies and processes using the new facilities in the two labs. They will explore the rollout of the Enhanced Internship Programme at Bosch for SP’s students

"In a new environment of constant technological disruption, our graduates will need to learn how to learn while acquiring deep skills, so as to become lifelong learners to stay ahead of the curve," said Soh Wai Wah, Principal, and CEO, Singapore Polytechnic.

"We are happy to work hand-in-hand with a technological leader like Bosch so that we can continue to develop students who are able to contribute effectively and add value to the advanced manufacturing sector, and at the same time shape Singapore's economy," he added.