Cathay Pacific to Fly Higher with Personalized CX

Service defined Cathay Pacific’s past success.

Now, as the Hong Kong-based international airline battles a difficult market, it is banking on Salesforce to build customer loyalty and drive its digital transformation aspirations to new heights.

“The airline and travel industry is being disrupted, and we need to be ready for the customer of the future—the digital natives and those with a digitally-savvy mindset and accompanying expectations," Paul Loo, Chief Customer, and Commercial Officer at Cathay Pacific said.

Cathay Pacific is already a Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service customer. With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, it is looking to consolidate sales, service, and marketing.

“Expanding our relationship with Salesforce was a very easy decision to make. By adding Marketing Cloud, we enrich the understanding of our customers through enhanced engagement across channels and devices,” Loo said.

The primary beneficiaries would be passengers, who are already calling for better passenger experience pre-, during and post-flight. Salesforce Marketing Cloud will help the airline tailor customer experience across all channels by focusing on three areas: new customer acquisition, personalization of all touch-points along the traveler’s journey and offering a complete 360-degree view of the members of its Marco Polo loyalty program.

The new product will also help Cathay Pacific to become more competitive by accelerating Cathay Pacific’s digital transformation initiatives that aim to address the evolving needs of its customers. It also hopes to explore and create new revenue streams. 

“Customers today expect seamless and hyper-personalized experiences and their expectations are higher than ever. To stay competitive, airlines need to be able to leverage technology to meet and exceed these expectations,” Mark Innes, General Manager and Executive Vice President, APAC at Salesforce said.