Maxim's Dines on Data-driven Decisions with Flash

Fast decision making is becoming a CDO mandate. And increasingly, businesses are relying on flash storage.

Recently, leading food and beverage (F&B) company Hong Kong Maxim’s Group announced that it selected IBM Flash Storage to “support long-term data growth, improve cost efficiency and address increasingly demanding performance needs.”

With flash storage, the Group is looking to productivity and agility through faster business decisions based on real-time data. The Group will also become the first company in the Hong Kong F&B industry to standardize on flash storage, claimed the press release.

Hong Kong Maxim’s Group uses data to monitor and optimize operations across 1,200 outlets in the Greater China region and Asia. These include Chinese, Asian and European restaurants, quick service restaurants, bakery shops and catering services as well as licensed renowned brands in various territories. Online CRM and food manufacturing are also part of the Group’s core operations.

Data enables Hong Kong Maxim’s Group to understand the customer's changing needs and behaviors across its 1,200 Asia Pacific stores and restaurants, which include Starbucks, Genki Sushi and IPPUDO Ramen, The Cheesecake Factory and Shake Shack.

The real-time data insights will help the Group to become more competitive, maximize revenue opportunities and drive up customer satisfaction. The company already handles over 600,000 transactions and millions of records a day, and expects fast data to grow five times over the next three years, reaching 300TB.

According to the release, IBM Flash Storage will allow up to 500,000 IOPS in performance and uses smaller storage snapshots. The reliable design, thanks to IBM Enterprise Systems grid-scale architecture, gives the Group consistent performance during peak seasons and seasonal promotions.

New features, including pattern removal, deduplication, and compression improve storage cost efficiency and simplify costs from the onset by lowering the TCO. With up to 5:1 data reduction capability, Hong Kong Maxim’s Group will be able to boost cost efficiency by 50 percent, the release claimed.

Unique benefits offered by IBM’s storage solution, including asynchronous and synchronous replication, seamless data migration using IBM Hyper-Scale Mobility and a single management interface using IBM Hyper-Scale Manager will allow Hong Kong Maxim’s Group to deploy a senior management dashboard across multiple endpoint devices based on real-time data.

“Data will continue to fuel the future success of Hong Kong Maxim’s Group. As customer and market needs evolve, we need to become more responsive and agile. Reliable, high-performance storage like IBM Flash Storage will enable us to scale our operations and meet these needs. More importantly, it gives us the flexibility and freedom to scale and enter new markets with confidence,” said Louis Mah, Director, Information Technology, Hong Kong Maxim’s Group.