Study Highlights Frustration Over CX Measurement Tools

Many see customer journeys vital to CX. But a new study showed many respondents remain unhappy with their ability to measure their impact.

The conclusion comes from 2019 State of Customer Journey Management & CX Measurement. Customer journey analysis software provider Pointillist surveyed 700 professionals in CX, marketing, and analytics to gain deeper insights.

The results showed that 90% saw a journey-based approach vital to CX success. They saw customer satisfaction, customer retention, and customer lifetime value as essential benefits.

The study revealed that high-performing organizations had more mature CX measurement programs. They also had higher satisfaction when creating customer insights and quantifying the impact. The data makes high performing organizations 3.2 times more likely to optimize CX than underperformers.

Silos and cross-channel customer data integration challenges make CX measurements difficult. Only 11% surveyed in under- and average-performing organizations said that they had effective customer data integration.

Incomplete information also plagues customer journey analysis. The root cause is the low number of customer data sources. The study showed that respondents used only 3.8 of data sources on average. This is less than a third of the 12 most widely-used sources.

Current tools and technologies are also failing organization looking to quantify CX. The study pointed to the lack of a unified view of the customer journey as the chief reason. Three in four respondents remained unsatisfied with their ability to integrate customer data, rapidly generate insights, engage customers with the best experience, and quantify the impact of these actions. This, despite using more than 4.5 customer data and analytics technologies on average.

“Our research confirms that customer experience is a top priority for most organizations and reveals that CX teams are now under pressure to improve customer experience and measure its impact on their overall business,” said Steve Offsey, vice president of Marketing at Pointillist.

“According to respondents, the top obstacles for attaining these goals are an inability to integrate cross-channel customer data and quantify customer experience using their existing tools and technologies,” he added.