Most APAC Data Specialists Have No Faith in Enterprise Data

The Asia Pacific may be data rich, but data specialists do not trust the data they see. Data specialists include data analysts, data scientists, and data quality managers.

A new Talend survey noted that only 29% of APAC data specialists are confident of their data. It is lower than the global average of 31%. 

In the Talend commissioned survey conducted by Opinion Matters, 763 data professionals (executives and operational data workers) around the globe were queried to understand confidence levels in their organizations' ability to deal with two significant simultaneous challenges: 1) Capturing, processing, and democratizing data at speed; and 2) ensuring the reliability and integrity of the information in the data streams shared by the organization.

The results highlighted a significant gap in perceptions between senior IT management and mid-ranking data professionals (operational data workers). The former is substantially more confident in their organizations' abilities.

"The different levels of confidence displayed by people at a management level and operational data workers are not surprising, but it is worrying," said Ciaran Dynes, senior vice president of Products at Talend.

"What we see today is that organizations are struggling to deliver trusted data when they need to deliver it and they are also struggling to gain credibility internally, in the market and with customers," added Dynes.

Significant findings include:

  • Despite the importance of ensuring speed and trust in data, a mere 11% of respondents consider that their businesses have reached excellence in both speed and integrity.
  • Overall, people close to data (data workers) are less confident in their organizations' abilities to trust in their data, with only 31% (29% in APAC) showing high levels of confidence. By contrast, 46% (45% in APAC) of respondents at a management level are confident in the ability of their organizations to deliver trusted data at speed.
  • 52% (50% in APAC) of respondents at a management level claim to be very optimistic when it comes to having achieved compliance with data regulations. The rate falls to 39% (38% in APAC) among the operational data workers - who may be in charge of making the practical changes to deliver compliance.
  • Only 38% (39% in APAC) of respondents believe their organizations excel in controlling data quality. Less than one in three (29% Global, 27% APAC) operational data workers are confident their companies’ data is always accurate and up-to-date.
  • Only 34% (29% in APAC) of operational data workers believe in their organizations' capability to succeed in a 360-degree real-time data integration process. Whereas, respondents at a management level again feel more confident (46% Global and 48% APAC) in this regard.

"Organizations need to build a bridge between IT and data workers - responsible for delivering at speed - and the people in charge of building and safeguarding trust, something which is often led at an executive level," said Dynes.

"Although generating trust may come from the top, the ability to deliver trusted data at speed requires the commitment of every data specialist within an organization as well as cultural alignment. This usually relies on the work of data champions, who have the skills to lead cultural change in data handling and processes as well."