AI Goes Beyond Skin Deep

Consumers’ growing acceptance of AI and the latter’s data ingestion efficiencies are creating new retail use cases. The latest retail industry sector to jump on the bandwagon is beauty.

POND’S recently announced the world's first AI-powered skin diagnostic chatbot. More than another FAQ bot, it combines AI with skin diagnosis for skincare to tackle four consumer concerns: uneven skin tone, spots, pimples, and wrinkles.

"POND'S has always been known for providing consumers with expert skincare and making beauty more accessible," said Rohit Bhasin, global brand vice president, POND'S, Unilever. "We recognize how confusing and overwhelming it can be for anyone to pick the right skincare products when there are so many choices.

The Skin Advisor Live bot, or 'SAL' combines Google's neuro-linguistic programming and BrighTex BioPhotonics's (BTBP) DeepTag skin diagnosis technology.

"With SAL, consumers can build and optimize their skincare regime -- via popular social messaging apps -- through this science-based, data-led skin diagnostic tool," said Bhasin.

BTBP's DeepTag technology is a patented skin map technology from the U.S. It uses clinical research data from The POND'S Institute to deliver skin diagnoses. The company claims high accuracy and consistency compared to human dermatologists.

"SAL is a game-changer when it comes to skin diagnoses and our product recommendation tool is backed by years of consumer research and product trials," said Judy Mao, research and development director for POND'S Global Design.

"The POND'S Institute will continue to explore innovative ways to help consumers improve their skin health," she continued.

SAL is available in Indonesia via messaging app, LINE, and Argentina, Columbia, United Arab Emirates, and South Africa via Facebook Messenger.