CLP Turns On Smart Energy Management in the Cloud

The new cloud platform developed on AWS aims to reduce IT operational costs by over 50% while helping customers conserve 15% of energy.

CLP Holdings Limited, one of the largest power companies in APAC, is diving into sustainability with a new online energy marketplace.

Called Smart Energy Connect (SEC), the marketplace runs entirely on AWS and aims to help companies and utilities find applications for better managing energy assets and drive sustainability.

SEC was created by migrating CLP’s backend infrastructure and production workloads to the cloud. In their press announcement, CLP noted that it is leveraging AWS operational experience and reliability to connect its internet of things (IoT) devices, operate its legacy systems and run its energy data security system.

“The energy sector in Asia is going through a wave of innovation as the economy continues to grow. Technology is helping the utility industry create value for customers through innovative energy management solutions, empowering the growth of renewables and distributed energy resources to make businesses more sustainable,” said Austin R Bryan, senior director – Innovation and Ventures, CLP.

The new platform will use AWS services, including analytics, serverless computing, database, and storage services, to achieve more than 50% IT operational cost savings while freeing manpower for innovation and other services. In turn, SEC’s solutions will help customers to conserve more than 15% of energy.

“Taking a cloud-first strategy and choosing to run on AWS has allowed us to build a stronger SEC platform because we can innovate quickly and adopt AWS’s best practices to instantly scale up or down as our usage grows. We can now optimize resources by offloading workloads to AWS, and stay focused on our mission to make sustainability a practical reality,” Bryan added.

CLP is currently migrating the SEC workload to the AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region to serve its local users with lower latency and to drive the development of its mission-critical functions.

"It is exciting to see how AWS has enabled CLP to accelerate its innovation in energy management and contribute to the region's sustainable future. We look forward to continue helping CLP through their transformation and supporting them in navigating new business models throughout their cloud journey," added Robert Wang, managing director, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, AWS.