Malaysia’s INTI to Train Students in RPA Development

Malaysian education institution INTI has announced that it will train its students on the development of software robots and intelligent automation to train the next generation of workforce for the future of intelligent automation.

First in Malaysia

Touted as the first of its kind in Malaysia, this will take place through a collaboration with Automation Anywhere, leveraging the expertise of Automation Anywhere University.

According to INTI, this adoption empowers talents to reinvent their careers, shifting from task-based roles to those that leverage human creativity, flexibility, and problem-solving. New job opportunities are anticipated with growing demands for professionals who can build, deploy and manage Robotic Process Automation (RPA) across unique and varied business needs.

RPA is identified as one of the key enabling technologies in Malaysia’s National Policy on IR 4.0 by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Malaysia’s Budget 2020 has also provided significant allocations towards encouraging the adoption of RPA.

This includes the provision of US$131 million (RM550 million) for Smart Automation matching grants to 1,000 manufacturing and 1,000 services companies to automate their business processes and the extension of assessments for the Accelerated Capital Allowance and automation equipment capital allowance in the manufacturing sector to 2023.

“Our aim in working with final year students is to offer them an edge, especially for their internships and final year projects. These final year modules are often the pathway to securing employment,” said Dr. Jane Lim, the chief executive of INTI International College Subang.

“Receiving both training and certifications in RPA before these practical experiences opens up new possibilities to them and empowers them to innovate and share ideas that employers are looking for as part of the industry’s digital advancement.”