Trakomatic Unveils Cloud-based AI Solution for Retailers

Trakomatic is offering new AI and facial recognition services to retailers that are built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, says Microsoft at a media briefing on the latest retail transformation trends in Asia.

Retailers who adopt Trakomatic’s “customer service ecosystem” solution can integrate it with their customer loyalty programs, says the video and sensor technology start-up.

Cloud-based AI tech

Trakomatic’s AI technology is capable of automatically recognizing a VIP the moment they enter a shopping mall equipped with the solution. When a customer is recognized, the system can be configured to send them personalized greetings or recommendations via text messages.

The system tracks customers around the mall, too. For instance, the mall’s digital signage knows when the VIP is near and can be set to change its content to reinforce the sent SMS. When the VIP arrives at the store, the system alerts the service staff via their devices, who can then engage the customer and offer a personalized experience – or additional discounts.

Aside from enhancing the customer experience, Trakomatic’s AI-based tools can also help retailers measure and improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, track sales conversion rates, and discover shoppers’ average basket size, as well as forecast which days and locations are likely to experience heavy traffic.

The solution takes privacy into consideration, and customers will need to first opt in and sign up by proactively providing their images.

In Singapore, retailer Harvey Norman is understood to have deployed the technology. The solution is also being demonstrated at the NRF 2020 conference held in New York this week.

Elsewhere, the Lenovo Flagship Store has deployed Trakomatic’s AI-based shopper engagement module to allow the on-ground team to recognize, anticipate and serve customers proactively with data and insights.