Dream of Instantaneous, Secure Multicloud Connectivity Gets Closer

Photo credit: iStockphoto/BrittaKokemor

For enterprise CDOs looking to a multicloud future, secure and fast connectivity comes at a premium.

According to Volume 3 of the Global Interconnection Index (GXI), a market study published by Equinix, private interconnection to multiple clouds and IT services across numerous edge locations and clouds is predicted to grow 13 times by 2022. Yet, many companies end up managing different contracts and licenses in diverse geographies, while spending weeks or months to connect.

It is why the new collaboration between Telstra and Equinix will be greeted with a sigh of relief.

The two global giants are coming together to help enterprise companies on Telstra’s Programmable Network (TPN) to get flexible, secure, and on-demand multicloud connectivity to more than 170 service providers in 38 markets globally. The tight API integration with Equinix's ECX Fabric will allow TPN customers to connect within minutes.

TPN is a software-defined network service platform to drive digital transformation and quickly respond to shifting market needs. ECX Fabric is a software-defined interconnection service that enables any business to connect with any other business, including the world's largest network service and cloud providers, on Platform Equinix.

"With TPN, we're able to connect to all the clouds we need in a matter of minutes. This is a huge improvement over the more traditional ways Taiwan customers used to connect to clouds. Gone are the days of waiting weeks to connect to a new cloud or to upgrade our bandwidth,” says Lawrence Pan, technical director at Cloudmax.

The API integration allows streamlined access to providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and Google Cloud on Platform Equinix via global, software-defined interconnection.

“By partnering with Telstra to combine TPN with our global interconnection capabilities and rich ecosystems of cloud providers, customers can accelerate digital transformation projects with on-demand access to multiple clouds and other service and IT providers anytime, anywhere and on any device,” says Greg Adgate, vice president for Global Partnerships & Alliances at Equinix.

“As customers scale delivery of their enterprise applications by leveraging leading cloud providers across new markets, the deeper integration of Telstra Programmable Network (TPN)—our SDN platform—with Platform Equinix provides our customers a unique ability to provision cloud connectivity services within minutes to 170 providers across 38 locations globally,” adds Sanjay Nayak, product and service design director for Global Connectivity and Platforms, Product and Technology, at Telstra.

Photo credit: iStockphoto/BrittaKokemor