How Poonsub Can Is Embracing AI for Efficiency

Photo credit: iStockphoto/SarapulSar38

Poonsub Can is looking to AI and analytics to change the way it does business. And it is partnering with NTT to create its own integrated digital automation platform.

As part of its overarching plan called Digital 4.0, the new platform aims to boost the productivity and operational capacity of one of Thailand’s largest metal package companies. With the platform online, Poonsub Can hopes to respond faster to customers’ changing demands.

NTT in Thailand provided technical knowledge and strategic counsel, including a review of existing IT systems, recommendations on technology enablement, and innovative ways to gain business agility through intelligent automation.

“It’s an exciting time for Poonsub Can as we embark on this new digital journey with our enhanced technological capabilities. Through our close partnership with NTT Ltd., we have identified new opportunities that will spur continuous business growth and drive innovation, enabling us to better provide more value to our customers,” says Viboon Trakulpoonsub, managing director at Poonsub Can Co., Ltd.

The new digital automation platform will feature AI and advanced analytics to close service gaps and speed up customer response times.

Built-in traceability functions will optimize quality control, eliminating human error, and elevating production standards and overall productivity.

The platform will play a critical role in future-proofing Poonsub Can’s business operation by refreshing the company’s infrastructure. By doing so, the company hopes to contribute to the forecasted productivity gains in ASEAN’s manufacturing sector, which A.T. Kearney says will double from USD 670 billion by 2028.

“As Thailand charges forward with its digital transformation masterplan, it is imperative for manufacturers to embrace technology and deploy smart solutions that drive industry growth and foster greater economic progress for the nation,” says Trakulpoonsub.

“Combining Thailand’s ambitious digital goals with Poonsub Can’s objectives, we exchanged global best practices in the manufacturing sector and identified actionable steps toward implementing SAP S/4HANA, so that Poonsub Can is empowered with the right foundation to optimize operations and improve customer satisfaction, laying the ground for new business opportunities,” adds Sutas Kondumrongkiat, chief executive officer for Thailand at NTT Ltd.

Photo credit: iStockphoto/SarapulSar38