Kowloon Development Company Unravels IT Complexity with DX

Photo credit: iStockphoto/Radachynskyi

Property giant Kowloon Development Company (KDC) has embarked on its digital transformation journey on Nutanix hyper converged infrastructure (HCI).

According to the Hong Kong-based company, the move is already delivering immediate benefits in efficiency, cost savings and agility.

KDC is a member of the Polytec Group with Hong Kong, Mainland China and Macau based businesses focused on property investment and investment holding. 

Like many of its peers, KDC operated a three-tier IT infrastructure of hardware, storage and network systems. KDC’s IT management selected Nutanix to modernize those legacy systems and remove these three tiers.

As a result, KDC simplified management, and delivered IT services with better performance and operational efficiency.

According to KDC, the new infrastructure is already delivering benefits: eliminating the complexity and cost of the company’s traditional hardware-based infrastructure, automating IT management, and enhancing service efficiency and availability to its businesses throughout the region.

The deployment of Nutanix was crucial for KDC’s daily operations as the new infrastructure offers the foundation of the company’s mission-critical property related systems, financial analysis system,  point-of-sales system and retail merchandizing system that supplies multiple business units throughout Hong Kong, Mainland China and Macau.

“Our business application team reports that their daily back-up efficiency has been radically enhanced after using Nutanix, with 50% increases in processing speeds,” says Franky Lam, head of IT infrastructure and operation of KDC.

“Our infrastructure system team has also observed a remarkable rise in our internal traffic capacity, equal to a 10 times improvement in availability. Nutanix data deduplication has reduced our storage resource usage by 40-50% during new application system deployments. In terms of work efficiency, our server deployment now only requires half a day to complete. It took one or two days before. ”

KDC uses Nutanix’s Prism Pro, which uses machine learning and task automation, to ensure system availability and reliability. It optimizes capacity, detects performance anomalies, and enables KDC’s IT team to automate remediation and everyday tasks for performance management and capacity optimization.

As the new management platform reduces tedious manual work and simplifies workloads on service provisioning and patch management, KDC’s IT team no longer spends as much time on administrative tasks.  Instead, they are free to focus on core business issues, higher ROI projects, and develop new services.

The announcement with KDC follows a recent Nutanix report highlighting Hong Kong’s excessive dependence on traditional IT infrastructure and the risks that hold for the Territory’s future.

Photo credit: iStockphoto/Radachynskyi