Nutanix Unveils New Features to Support Big Data and Analytics

Nutanix has announced new features incorporated into the Nutanix platform to support big data applications, as well as unstructured data storage.

The capabilities are part of Nutanix Objects 2.0 and include the ability to manage object data across multiple Nutanix clusters to achieve massive scale. Object storage capacity per node is also increased, with formal Splunk SmartStore certification.

New capabilities for Nutanix Objects 2.0

Nutanix Objects 2.0 now features multi-cluster support to deliver massive scale object stores with a single namespace across multiple clusters. This also allows IT teams to take advantage of unused storage capacity anywhere in their Nutanix environment to improve storage economics.

In addition, nodes can also go up to 240TB of storage, opening the door to multi-petabyte object stores with a single Nutanix cluster.

The new features that help organizations roll out big data workload also include an enhanced security feature in the form of write-once-read-many (WORM). This gives users the ability to lock their content – and meet a variety of regulatory and compliance mandates – using traditional non-WORM media without the need to enable versioning.

Nutanix says the enhancements ensure that its cloud platform delivers performance and scale while reducing cost by maximizing existing, unused resources. It pointed to how the capabilities of Nutanix favor IT teams struggling with the silos and complexity of delivering real-time big data capabilities.

“Every company is striving to become a data-driven company,” said Greg Smith, VP of product marketing at Nutanix. “Big data applications require incredible scale and performance at competitive cost structures. The Nutanix platform, with the addition of multi-cluster object storage, offers a compelling solution for unstructured object storage that leverages existing storage resources for improved storage economics.”

The new capabilities in Nutanix Objects 2.0 are generally available.

Photo credit: iStockphoto/gorodenkoff