Adobe Shows Off AI Tool for Headlines and Images

AI could soon play a role to help news sites or company blogs capture more eyeballs. As reported by TechCrunch, Adobe showcased an experimental tool at a recent Adobe Summit virtual event designed to help content creators and content marketers increase reader engagement without having to do more work.

A headline just for you

In a blog for a mock tourism firm, a post about traveling to Australia could be presented differently to visitors categorized as budget travelers, thrill-seekers, or frequent travelers – among others. The system will automatically generate differing headlines, images, and even preview blurbs depending on the audience type.

The technology goes beyond the basic A/B testing of typical marketing tools but leverages Adobe’s AI technology known as Adobe Sensei to build specific use cases, and has broad implications due to how it offers the ability to personalize at scale.

Getting the technology to work well will depend on knowing the preferences of audiences, which can come from information shared by visitors or inferred through other means. And aside from the headlines, images, and the way the page or content is presented or promoted, the core content itself isn’t changed.

Of course, human editors can change recommendations and ultimately decide on what each audience segment sees. Alternatively, they can dig deeper into the content scoring system and review the details behind the AI engine’s recommendations.

To be clear, the demonstration was part of Adobe Sneaks, which are proof-of-concept demonstrations created by Adobe employees. However, most of these demonstrations do eventually make it into actual products in some shape or form.

Photo credit: iStockphoto/NatalyaBurova