Stratifyd Launches Updated Intelligence Platform

Software maker Stratifyd has announced a new release of its intelligence platform engine that it says has been redesigned from the ground up to help business users harness the power of proprietary and third-party data.

Empowering citizen data scientists

According to Stratifyd, users of all skill levels can connect data sources to the platform for analysis and data modeling. This is possible due to its graphical user interface, pre-build and customizable data analytics models, and simplified dashboards.

Citizen data scientists can use the platform to tackle real-world business challenges by visualizing structured and unstructured data from a variety of data sources which include third party and social media channels. The latter allows unhappiness with a product or service expressed through reviews or social media to be quickly pinpointed, making it easier to fix.

Moreover, data can also be used to connect the dots to understand the bigger picture and understand positive developments such as a lower customer churn rate – leveraging these insights to replicate successful outcomes in other areas of the business.

The platform currently features a library of over 100 data connectors that includes Amazon reviews, Google Play and iTunes Store app reviews, call center conversations, and chat conversations – which can be accessed without manual data cleaning. In addition, auto-learning models can automatically analyze data based on available data.

“Stratifyd is a company with data science in our DNA. We were founded with a bold but simple mission to enable everyone within an organization to not only uncover but also understand the hidden stories within their data,” said Derek Wang, the founder and CEO of Stratifyd. “This release of our next-gen platform is a giant leap in bringing to life our vision of putting the power of data science into the hands of business users.”

“Data is at the forefront of every decision a business makes and frames the narrative. To better understand the stories hidden in data, it needs to be viewed from the lens of the business user as they are the storytellers that can consider the data in the appropriate context,” said Wang.

Photo credit: iStockphoto/Olivier Le Moal