Informatica To Make Cloud Data Management Simpler

Image credit: iStockphoto/Natali_Mis

Many companies are finding out that moving data in and out of any cloud or on-premises platform is never easy.

“As data proliferation rises, companies will need an end-to-end platform that is capable of managing data regardless of where it is housed and more importantly powered by AI to offer real-time data intelligence,” said Scott Holcomb, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

It is what Informatica did this month when it launched what it calls the first Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC). It is an AI-powered, cloud-first, cloud-native platform that manages data across any platform or user. It also addresses the challenge of multi-cloud and multi-hybrid cloud data management. 

“As the heterogeneity of cloud increases — from applications to analytics to infrastructure—what really matters is the data, not what surrounds the data,” said Amit Walia, chief executive officer of Informatica.

“Data proliferation, fragmentation, and decentralization across multiple clouds and hybrid environments is the new normal. Those who can connect the right data to the right consumers with ease and trust will move from digital modernization to true digital transformation. Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud is the future of enterprise cloud data management, and we are excited to bring this to our customers.”

IDMC, priced based on consumption, offers 200 plus intelligent cloud services to reimagine essential business functions, from customer experience, e-commerce, supply chain, manufacturing to analytics and data science. It standardizes the company’s enterprise data management approach across different platforms, reduces complexity, and gives companies the option of building and scaling out their data.

Key reasons why Informatica claims IDMC is a game-changer:

  • Cloud-native at scale: A single cloud-native platform for data integration, app and API integration, and data management give companies the flexibility to scale up processing as the business demands and ingest data in any form at any latency.
  • AI-powered, metadata-driven intelligence: IDMC runs on Informatica’s AI engine, CLAIRE, enabling companies to use AI and ML capabilities to derive insights from troves of data in minutes.
  • Enterprise-scale data management on any cloud and platform: Informatica claims IDMC is the first of its kind to provide a foundation for digital transformation, enabling enterprises to visualize, analyze and collaborate with their data regardless of location or platform. Built for hybrid, multi-cloud environments, IDMC runs all workloads at enterprise-scale in the cloud and currently processes more than 17 trillion transactions each month.
  • Low- or no-code cloud data management: A low-code or no-code experience allows companies to go directly from ideation to implementation and respond to business requirements and changes in real-time without the overhead of developing and maintaining code.
  • Security and trust by design with data governance: IDMC has security and trust as a design principle and offers some of the highest industry standards of data security and governance. It can define and enforce policies so the appropriate teams can quickly access and understand data and other artifacts such as AI models and pipelines.

Surrounding the IDMC launch, Informatica announced three major product updates and initiatives.

The first is a collaborative initiative with Microsoft to accelerate customer journeys to the cloud using IDMC on Microsoft Azure. Companies can process data integration and data loading use-cases at no charge using Informatica’s iPaaS service, allowing them to get started quickly and easily with IDMC on Azure with Azure Synapse Analytics. Informatica is also expanding its Azure global footprint with new IDMC regions in Asia and Europe.

The company is releasing integrated cloud-native data governance and catalog as-a-service, Informatica Cloud Data Governance & Catalog. It is specifically designed to empower data consumers with trusted data. First launching on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in preview, the service will bring together data cataloging, quality, and governance with unified metadata-driven intelligence natively in the cloud.

Informatica is also bringing its Cloud Data Integration Elastic (CDI-E) to Google Cloud and new enhancements to Cloud Mass Ingestion and API Management.

Customers see the potential IDMC’s ability to simplify their cloud data journey. “Informatica has been our trusted partner to help us manage data as part of our cloud modernization, data governance, and data integration strategy. It’s this platform approach to data that helps us accelerate healthcare innovation,” said Alexander Izaguirre, chief data officer, New York City Health + Hospitals.

Image credit: iStockphoto/Natali_Mis