New ML, Data Capabilities Announced For Oracle Analytics Cloud

Oracle has announced a new set of capabilities in its Oracle Analytics Cloud that it says will give all employees access to easy-to-use self-service analytics for data discovery and data visualization.

Announced by T.K. Anand, senior vice president of Oracle Analytics, the new set of capabilities range across the entire analytics workflow – from connecting to a data source, transforming, and preparing the data, modeling the data, to exploring it and sharing results with other users.

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Specifically, the enhancements to Oracle Analytics Cloud include explainable machine learning, data preparation for transforming customer-specific data into quality information, built-in text analytics, affinity analysis, custom reference knowledge, graph analytics, custom map analytics, natural language queries, and narratives, as well as a new mobile app.

The new Oracle Analytics mobile app lets users find data quickly and easily, all with a consistent user experience across Oracle Analytics Cloud and the app. It lets users interact with data visualizations, explore dashboards, and share information across teams for further collaboration

New capabilities include:

  • Explainable machine learning: Users can now see simple explanations of the factors behind the outcomes of a machine learning model.
  • Automated data preparation: A data profiling engine can now sample and scan data to identify and proactively prompt users about potential data quality issues, including obfuscating sensitive information.
  • Text analytics: Text analytics that can work on unstructured data, including performing sentiment analysis, and enable users to understand how their brand is perceived.
  • Custom map analytics: Users can now apply custom images as map backgrounds and create map layers to enhance data visualizations.

Ultimately, customers can experience interactions with their data via maps, visual market basket analysis, and mobile devices to more quickly identify patterns and relationships that allow them to predict outcomes and make faster decisions.

“These latest updates are reflective of our focus on innovation and responding to our customers’ needs,” wrote Anand. He drew attention to the ability of customers to share analytics in the form of “data stories”.

“This is why we are particularly excited to branch out into new ways our customers can share data and analyses in the form of data stories —all through a single, extensible cloud analytics platform that allows everyone to create custom visual experiences with little or no code.”

Image credit: iStockphoto/Alexyz3d