Singapore’s Nanyang Polytechnic Launch Diploma in AI and Data Engineering

Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) has launched a diploma course in artificial intelligence (AI) and data engineering. Offered under NYP's School of Engineering, the new course will take in its first batch of students next year.

Industry certification included

NYP’s Diploma in AI and Data Engineering will be co-developed and co-taught by both lecturers and industry professionals. Upon graduating, students will receive industry certification from the partner companies on top of their diplomas.

The course will adopt NYP's professional competency model (PCM), which the tertiary institute says is aimed at mirroring workplace practices instead of the traditional subject-based approach. According to NYP, this approach offers a more responsive and relevant curriculum.

In practice, the PCM approach means that students will not take Mathematics as a separate subject but will instead be tasked to work on practical problems that involve statistics and by leveraging technology to accomplish it.

The report by Singapore broadsheet The Straits Times noted that Nvidia is working with NYP to develop a module on applied deep learning as part of the course. According to Dr. Ettikan Kandasamy Karuppiah, Nvidia’s chief technologist for the Asia Pacific South region, this will cover how fundamental concepts in AI and ML are applied to address specific industry problems.

Topics such as the use of neural networks for image classification and computer vision will be taught. Moreover, researchers and engineers from Nvidia will train and guide lecturers before the commencement of the course and are also expected to star as guest lecturers to share their experiences.

Other industry partners for the new course include Microsoft, AI Singapore, Omron Electronics, and the AI Professionals Association.

“NYP can quickly pick up changes or updates in skills because we are working with global leaders who can map out how technologies are changing,” said Jeanne Liew, who is the principal and chief executive of NYP.

“New developments can be easily plugged into the PCM, while obsolete technologies or areas are removed. This ensures that our learners will always be equipped with the most relevant skills to tackle any job task with ease,” she said.

Companies are currently facing a talent crunch in AI and data science skillsets. For instance, Deloitte noted that demand for analytics skills – which includes machine learning (ML), data science, data engineering, and visualization, is currently outstripping supply.

Applications for the NYP course will open during the annual admissions exercise in June.

Image credit: iStockphoto/leolintang