AI Singapore Launches AI Readiness Index

AI Singapore (AISG) has launched its AI Readiness Index (AIRI) framework for organizations to self-assess their AI adoption readiness and improve upon it.

AI Singapore (AISG) is a national AI program launched by the National Research Foundation (NRF). The NRF is a department within the Singapore Prime Minister’s Office.

Considering that the NRF sets the national direction for research and development in Singapore, which includes funding initiatives and developing policies, expect the AIRI to be referenced heavily.

The framework

According to its website, the AIRI consists of four core pillars that map to nine distinct “dimensions”. Touted as interdependent and synergistic, the pillars consist of Organizational Readiness, Infrastructure Readiness, Business Value Readiness, and Data Readiness.

Organizations can exhibit different levels of AI Readiness across the dimensions, which include dimensions such as AI literacy, AI talent, and AI governance, data quality, the availability of reliable data, ML infrastructure, and data infrastructure, among others.

Organizational AI capability can be assessed online with a 15-minute survey. This should be taken by a senior representative with sufficient knowledge of the organization to answer the questions.

One completed, a system-generated report will allow gaps to be identified between current and desired states, with each dimension mapped to four distinct levels to indicate organization AI capability – ranging from “AI Unaware”, “AI Aware”, “AI Ready”, to “AI Competent”.

AISG says it will collaborate with various industry partners and trade associations to seed greater awareness of the AIRI and to get their various customers and members to undergo the assessment.

AIRI is a useful tool for organizations to assess where they stand in their AI journey, according to Dr. Chng Zhenzhi, the director of the National AI Office. The AIRI will also enable AISG to tailor its suite of programs to each organization’s requirements, she noted.

“AI is going to be pervasive in all aspects of life in the near future. AISG has worked hard to develop this index by translating the learning points and outcomes from our engagements with hundreds of companies,” said Professor Ho Teck Hua, executive chairman of AISG.

“The index is a critical and practical tool that will enable Singaporean businesses to benchmark their AI preparedness. It will also give companies a baseline they can use to further their adoption and use of AI.”

Image credit: iStockphoto/agsandrew