SAS Launches Analytics, AI Programs For Students in Singapore

SAS has launched its SAS Software Certified Young Professionals (SCYP) program for students in Singapore, which is designed to equip students with analytics knowledge and expertise to meet the growing demand for data science and analytics professionals.

SAS Software Certified Young Professionals

The SAS SCYP program will offer students subsidized access to software, training, and certification. Registered students leverage the resources towards gaining a SAS Certified Associate in programming fundamentals, machine learning, or visual business analytics.

The program offers self-paced courses through an e-learning medium and will include online SAS webinars that are led by SAS experts. Students can ask questions during the online classes or engage via SAS communities online.

Once the requisite e-learning courses and associated webinars are completed, students can take the relevant certification examination. SAS experts are available to offer guidance on how to prepare, while practice exams are available to bolster exam readiness.

Upon graduation from the SCYP program, students can choose to join the SAS Business Intelligence Analytics (BIA) Programme - supported under Infocomm Media Development Authority’s Tech Skills Accelerator Company-led Training Programme for further analytics training and job placement opportunities.

“SAS has had a strong connection with academia for many years. By empowering students with SAS analytics knowledge and expertise, this program will work towards addressing the growing need for technology professionals in Southeast Asia,” said Remco den Heijer, the vice president of SAS in ASEAN.

“Businesses need qualified people who can understand and analyze data, use it to build models and establish the information that delivers the best value. Organizations will be eager to recruit students who possess such analytical skills.”

According to information on the registration form, a valid email address from a local university is required to register to join the program. SAS says the subsidized online courses are available to undergraduate students and graduates in Singapore within two years of their graduation at varying subsidy levels.

You can learn more about the program here.

Image credit: iStockphoto/Chainarong Prasertthai