Domino’s Adds Azure To Menu for Modernization

Image credit: iStockphoto/Nicholas77

With many people locked down during the pandemic, food delivery saw a surge that benefited companies geared up for it.

Just ask Domino’s Pizza Enterprises, the Australian-owned master franchise holder for Domino’s in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Luxembourg, Denmark, and Taiwan.

During the last financial year, the ASX-listed company served 281 million pizzas, opened 285 new stores worldwide, and recorded USD3.7 billion worth of network sales. This year, the company is looking to open a further 500 stores.

The relentless surge has benefited bottom lines. But the company was also concerned about keeping up with CX promises. So to streamline its current processes, the company inked a three-year strategic technology and services agreement to use Microsoft Azure.  

The agreement will see Domino’s move its workloads and migrate its vast troves of data from its on-premises services to Azure. The approach, it believes, will optimize the company’s ordering and fulfillment systems. In turn, it expects to enhance CX and drive customer loyalty, a crucial currency for food chains battling out for customer digital mindshare.

“Innovation is baked into the very DNA of Domino's, and by utilizing Azure, there is an opportunity to accelerate the pace at which we can deliver new services and products and streamline operations for our business and for our franchisees,” said Michael Gillespie, group chief digital and experience officer at Domino's.

“We have a clear roadmap of the innovation opportunities that will keep Domino's at the forefront of this industry. Microsoft Azure provides the high performance, resilient, and trusted digital foundations for that and opens the door to a whole ecosystem of Azure tools, skills, and services that we will be able to leverage,” he added.  

Domino’s has huge ambitions for its modernization efforts.

At its most recent investor presentation, Domino's outlined essential plans as part of its modernization efforts. They include using data-driven analysis to prioritize new store development and analyze store metrics to optimize operational costs. The company will also invest in customers' digital ordering experience with a new web and mobile platform rollout this financial year.

To achieve these goals, the company knew it needed a strong partner. "It's great to walk into an established relationship with a technology partner where we are both challenging each other to be our best. I look forward to continuing our partnership and using Microsoft's services as our global business continues to grow," said Matthias Hansen, the company’s chief technology officer.

According to Microsoft, the solution provider will also support Domino's international growth plans, particularly in Japan and Europe.

"I'm absolutely delighted that Domino's, which is a leading Australian retail company and innovator, has embraced the power and potential of Microsoft Azure as the digital platform for the future,” said Steven Worrall, managing director, Microsoft Australia.

"I firmly believe that this agreement will ensure Domino's can accelerate even further ahead, and Microsoft will be there every step of the way to support its endeavors," he added.

Domino’s is no stranger to data-driven innovation.

The company is already working with Microsoft to optimize the physical store layout for the pizza making and delivery process using digital twin technology and testing the results virtually before starting the fit-out.

The collaboration will help the largest pizza chain in Australia to speed up its opening of new kitchens closer to its customers, addressing a fundamental shift in customer behaviors.

Image credit: iStockphoto/Nicholas77